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Many big leaders of Karnataka Congress are avoiding contesting elections? Not answering the high command – India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
Big trouble for Congress.

The Central Election Panel meeting of Congress is going to be held today on Thursday. It is believed that the party can give the final approval to the candidates from Karnataka in today’s meeting. However, in the meantime there has also been news of a big tension for Congress. According to sources, Congress also wants to field many present ministers of Karnataka in the elections. However, despite the appeal of the party leadership, many ministers are avoiding contesting the elections. Let us know the whole matter.

Despite the bumper victory in the Assembly and the effect of 5 guarantees, the ministers in whom Congress is seeing a strong claim do not want to contest the elections. According to Congress sources, HC Mahadevappa, Satish Jarkiholi, B Nagendra, Krishna Byregowda, KH Muniyappa, HK Patil and Ishwar Khandre are some of the ministers who have been informed to contest the elections. However, not even one of these ministers has given his consent yet.

According to sources, some of these Congress ministers have put forward names of their family members in their place, which has further increased the tension in the party. Despite winning the MP seat, these leaders do not see any political benefit in it because everyone feels that the government is going to be formed at the Center under the leadership of Modi for the third time. In such a situation, he does not like the idea of ​​remaining only the opposition MP.

According to party sources, in today’s meeting to be held in New Delhi, candidates for 12 to 14 seats out of 28 will be finalized and before the final decision on the remaining seats, one more round of talks is possible with these ministers. In today’s Congress meeting, a decision can also be taken to include ST Somashekhar, who recently cross-voted for Congress in the Rajya Sabha, in the Congress and make him contest from Bengaluru North seat.

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