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Muslim organizations raised questions on the program of Ram temple, said this on the court’s decision

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Muslim organizations raised questions on the program of Ram temple.

New Delhi: Major Muslim organizations of the country have issued a statement regarding the Ram Temple program to be held in Ayodhya on January 22. In this statement, questions have been raised on government patronage regarding the Ram Mandir programme. It has been written in the statement that the way the program is being organized and the government is organizing the program is against the secular customs of the country. Muslim organizations have written that we want to say that we are not satisfied with the decision of the Supreme Court related to Babri Masjid, because in its decision the court accepted that no evidence was found that the temple was demolished. The mosque was built. Despite this, the court made only faith the foundation and gave the place for the mosque to be built as a temple.

Worship Act is not being followed

Muslim organizations have further written that we also object to the fact that despite the law of Worship Act 1991, this law is not being implemented strictly and the courts are hearing other mosques also, bypassing this law. This attitude can lead to breaking of the justice-loving public of the country’s trust in the court system. In such a situation, the government’s involvement in the Ram Mandir program becomes controversial. No secular person will like this. We also appeal to the Muslims of the country and the people of the country to maintain peace in these circumstances. No one should be disappointed by these circumstances and should not lose patience. We also appeal that in such a case, do not make irresponsible statements in the media nor write or forward anything on social media.

People from these Muslim organizations were involved

Let us tell here that among the Muslim organizations, Maulana Mahmood Madani from Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, Maulana Asghar Ali Imam Mehdi Selfie from Jamaat-e-Islami-e-Hind, Malik Mohsin and Maqbool Ahmed and Sadatullah Hussaini from Jamaat-e-Islami-e-Hind, Maulana Tanveer Hashmi from Ahle Sunnah Karnataka, Qasim Rasool Ilyas from Welfare Party of India, Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kachhauchvi from All India Ulema e Mashaiq Board, Abdul Salam from Editor Varta Bharati Mangalore, Mustafa Farooq from Aurangabad Maharashtra, Maulana Ahmed Ali Faisal Rahmani from Ibadan e Sharia Bihar Orissa Jharkhand, Religious Salim Engineer from Jan Morcha, Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Hasan Nadvi from Bengaluru are included.

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