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New variant of Covid-19 is scaring, 34 new cases of JN.1 in Karnataka, so many people died

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Corona virus started scaring again

Corona virus cases have once again started increasing rapidly. The new variant of Corona is rapidly infecting people, which has scared people. The government has also appealed to the people to be cautious. 34 new cases of Corona’s new sub-variant JN.1 have been reported from Karnataka, after which the state government has become more alert. However, Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao appealed to the people not to panic and said that these figures were expected and the government had already made preparations for it.

Preparations for making Covid ward started

The Health Minister said that preparations have again been started to create separate Covid wards in all government hospitals. The work of supplying testing kits has been expedited. At present 10 thousand testing kits have been purchased. Instructions have been given not to take any laxity in testing, tracking and treatment. Testing is being increased on the state borders, especially the borders with Kerala. According to government data, there are currently 436 active cases of Covid in Karnataka and out of these, 125 cases were registered on Monday. Of the 34 people in whom the JN.1 variant has been confirmed, three have died.

Is JN.1 variant of Corona dangerous?

According to the Health Department, these three patients were suffering from other serious diseases. Out of the remaining 31 patients, only 6 patients have been admitted to the hospital for treatment, while the other 25 patients are being treated at home. The Health Department estimates that more cases of JN.1 variant will be reported in the coming days, but since experts have not termed this sub-variant as dangerous, the government does not want to take too strict action at the moment. However, senior citizens and people in crowded areas have been instructed to wear masks. At present no restrictions have been imposed regarding New Year celebrations.

4170 active corona patients in the country

Let us tell you that there are currently 4170 active cases of corona virus in India. So far 4,50,09,248 cases of corona have been registered. Out of this, 4,44,71,860 people have been discharged. Apart from this, 5,33,334 people have died due to Corona in the country.

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