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Nitish Kumar is cunning, he will attack again, keep it in writing…Prashant Kishore’s big statement – India TV Hindi

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Prashant Kishore said a big attack on Nitish

Political strategist Prashant Kishore made some strong comments on Nitish Kumar on Sunday. Prashant Kishore, who was once close to Nitish Kumar, took a dig at the news of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar leaving the Grand Alliance and rejoining the NDA and becoming the Chief Minister of Bihar for the ninth time and said that Nitish Kumar has been fooling the people of Bihar. . Nitish Kumar is a cunning person. Prashant Kishor further said that his alliance with BJP will not last till the next Bihar Assembly elections in 2025 and it does not matter with whom Nitish Kumar comes next time. It remains to be seen whether Nitish will make a comeback again and with whom he will contest the elections in the state.

Prashant Kishore said that after the Lok Sabha elections, assembly elections will be held in 2025 and Nitish Kumar will again make a comeback. If he again reverses alliance with BJP or RJD after the Lok Sabha elections, then Nitish Kumar’s party will not be able to win more than 20 seats. Prashant Kishore said, “If Nitish Kumar wins more than 20 seats in the next assembly elections, I will retire from my work. Please write it down.”

People of Bihar will give the right answer to Nitish Kumar

PK said “In the present Bihar picture, there are two parties. On one side, Nitish Kumar is the face, supported by BJP. On the other side, there are RJD and other parties. Bihar assembly elections will not be held in this formation.” Before the next Bihar elections, there will be many dramatic developments in Bihar. Within six months of the Lok Sabha elections, you will see those developments,” Prashant Kishore predicted, adding that the BJP-Nitish Kumar alliance has a lifeline till then.

“If you look at my statements for the last one year, you will find that I am the only person who has been saying that Nitish Kumar can reverse anytime. But today it has been proved that Narendra Modi, Amit Shah are also ‘Palturam’. Can compete for.”

Nitish’s politics is over now

Prashant Kishor, citing his earlier prediction, said that Nitish Kumar will not continue with the grand alliance and if he does so, he will not get even 5 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. “They got scared after my prediction and have already left the grand alliance. My next prediction is that Nitish Kumar’s party will not get more than 20 seats in the state elections. Please write it down. If JDU gets more than 20 seats in the state If we meet, I will retire,” Prashant Kishor said, sounding the death knell for Nitish Kumar in Bihar politics and hinting at a possible majority for RJD in the 2025 elections in Bihar.

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