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Nitish Kumar joined BJP, but other NDA parties in Bihar raised concerns – India TV Hindi

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BJP’s concern increased after coming together with Nitish

New Delhi: The political situation has changed a lot after the political upheaval in Bihar. NDA has now become even stronger in the state. The problems of India alliance have increased even more. But it is not that BJP’s concern has diminished due to this entire episode. Bharatiya Janata Party’s problems may increase in Bihar after Nitish Kumar joins NDA. According to political experts, after wooing Nitish, it has now become a big challenge for BJP to retain its old allies Chirag Paswan, Upendra Kushwaha and Jitan Ram Manjhi.

Chirag is not happy with Nitish joining NDA

In fact, Chirag Paswan, who has strong political differences with Nitish Kumar, is not comfortable with him joining the NDA alliance again and has talked to Amit Shah and JP Nadda and told them that their quota of seats should not be cut. . Under the banner of NDA, BJP had given 7 seats to Paswan’s party in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, out of which 6 MPs of the party won the elections. At the same time, in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Paswan’s party was given 6 seats in the Lok Sabha and one seat was compensated by sending Ram Vilas Paswan to the Rajya Sabha. Chirag Paswan is adamant on the 7 formula despite the separation of his uncle, cousin and other MPs and also wants Hajipur Lok Sabha seat.


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Chirag Paswan

Upendra Kushwaha is demanding 3 Lok Sabha seats on the lines of 2014.

At the same time, Upendra Kushwaha is demanding 3 Lok Sabha seats on the lines of 2014. Jitan Ram Manjhi is also adamant on 2 seats and Nitish Kumar’s party can also ask for 17 Lok Sabha seats on the lines of 2019. In such a situation, after coming together with Nitish Kumar, it has become quite a challenging task to retain the old allies, especially Chirag Paswan. According to sources, Chirag Paswan has indicated that if her demands are not met, then she will field candidates against all the Lok Sabha candidates of Nitish Kumar’s party along with her seats on the lines of 2020 Legislative Assembly elections. If this happens, BJP’s plans may face a major setback.


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Upendra Kushwaha

JDU had got 17 seats in 2019

Let us remind you that to accommodate Nitish Kumar’s party in the NDA alliance in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP itself made a big sacrifice by canceling the tickets of five of its sitting MPs and gave those seats to JDU. But, this time the number of allies is more and BJP alone cannot accommodate everyone. If sources are to be believed, this time BJP may request all the allies in Bihar to sacrifice one seat each to contest the elections. Instead of the formula of 7 seats, BJP will try to convince Chirag Paswan and Pashupati Paras, both uncle and nephew, to give one seat less. The party will also try to make Nitish Kumar contest on one less seat i.e. 16 seats this time as compared to 17 seats last time. Efforts will also be made to convince Upendra Kushwaha on only 2 seats instead of 3 and if HAM’s Jitan Ram Manjhi also remains adamant on contesting the Lok Sabha elections, then BJP may have to cancel the tickets of its two sitting MPs.


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Pashupati Kumar Paras

Pashupati Paras can be sent to Rajya Sabha

However, BJP will also try to ensure that Prince Raj Paswan, currently MP from Pashupati Paras’s party, should contest the election on the election symbol of his party or JDU. If BJP’s allies agree to this formula, then BJP and JDU will contest elections on 16 seats each. Chirag Paswan’s party – 4, Upendra Kushwaha’s party – 2 and Jitan Ram Manjhi’s party will be given one Lok Sabha seat. Pashupati Paras’s party will be given one seat and one of its candidates will contest on the election symbol of either JDU or BJP. However, if Pashupati Paras does not agree, then BJP can accommodate him in Rajya Sabha also. The party will also try to convince Jitan Ram Manjhi by giving him the assurance of MLC. However, BJP is still quite skeptical about Chirag Paswan’s stand.

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