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Now will Assam government convert private madrasas into schools? CM Himanta made a big claim

Image Source : PTI
Assam CM Himanta Vishwa Sharma.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma informed on New Year’s Day that the Assam government is trying to negotiate with private madrassas to close them and convert them into general schools. Let us tell you that just a few days ago, the BJP government has closed all the government madrasas in the state and converted them into general schools. After this, this action of CM is also being discussed on private madrassas.

Private madrassas are protected by the constitution

CM Sharma has said that private madrassas are protected by the Constitution of India as it is written that the government cannot touch minority-run educational institutions. They also do not come under the RTE Act. However, he told that Assam Police and Education Department are working together so we can reduce at least 1000 private madrassas. It will be reduced from three thousand to two thousand and we are in talks with private madrassa bodies on this.

Assamese Muslims will be identified

CM Sharma informed that there are five different communities in Assam known as Assamese Muslim communities. He told that we have approved the census and we are verifying the villages where Assamese Muslim community lives. Wards are also being determined in municipal areas where Assamese Muslims live and this census will be completed by the end of 2024.

AFSPA may be removed from two districts

CM Sharma said that the Assam government has recommended the complete removal of AFSPA but the government has advised us that we need to be a little cautious. The CM said that AFSPA is now limited to only four districts and feels that in the next review, we will withdraw AFSPA from two other districts. It is a matter of time, at some point AFSPA will be completely withdrawn.

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