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On the anniversary of 26/11, Assam CM said – If Modi ji had been PM, perhaps the accounts would have been settled at that very moment.

Image Source : ANI
Himanta Vishwa Sharma, CM, Assam

Bhubaneswar: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma expressed his condolences to the dead and martyred soldiers on the anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks. He said that this is a very sad day. He also said that we could not do what had to be done. If Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been there in place of Manmohan Singh at that time, perhaps the score would have been settled at that very moment. It is our sorrow that such a big attack took place and we were not able to do what we had to do at that time.

Himanta Vishwa Sharma has often been giving sharp statements targeting Congress and Gandhi family. Earlier, when the Congress released its manifesto for the Telangana Assembly elections recently, he had said that the party was ‘fulfilling the dream of Mohammed Ali Jinnah’s Muslim League’. Without naming him, Sharma pointed towards Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and alleged that those who have adopted the surname ‘Gandhi have revived Jinnah’s policies’. The Congress’ minority manifesto states that if the party comes to power in Telangana, it will ensure proper reservation for all backward classes, including minorities, in jobs, education and government schemes.

Let us tell you that before Himanta Vishwa Sharma, Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Anurag Thakur has also targeted Congress and Manmohan Singh government over the 26/11 terrorist attacks. He had said that on the advice of former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had gone into “silent mode” and did not respond to the attacks effectively. He alleged that Sonia Gandhi (then Congress President) had asked him not to do anything. Ten armed terrorists from Pakistan attacked Mumbai on November 26, 2008 and wreaked havoc for three days, killing 166 people, including security personnel and foreign nationals, and injuring many others.

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