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On the day of launch of Aditya L1, ISRO Chief was diagnosed with cancer, but… – India TV Hindi

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ISRO Chief S Somnath

New Delhi: Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is creating new history every day. After successful missions like Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L1 last year, ISRO is now busy in preparations for the Gaganyaan mission. The names of the scientists going to space have also been decided. Now information has come to light that ISRO chief S Somnath, who played an important role in all these missions, was battling cancer.

Some problem felt during Chandrayaan-3

During an interview given to Tarmac Media House, ISRO Chief revealed that during the Chandrayaan-3 mission, he realized that he had some health problems. Nothing was clear to me. But on the morning of the launch of Aditya L1, I got checked and came to know that I have cancer. After receiving this information, my friends and family members became worried. He told that at this time all of us were engaged in an important mission. I controlled myself.

went to Chennai for treatment

After the launch of Aditya L1 mission, I came to Chennai for better check-up and treatment. Here stomach cancer was confirmed. Along with this, doctors told that this disease is genetic. After this surgery was done. Then chemotherapy continued. He told that during this period his family was very worried.

Currently on medication

While giving the latest update on this disease, S Somnath said that currently medicines are being given. Everything went well after a few days of surgery. He said that although this battle still has to be fought, I am confident that I will win this battle. He says that now I am getting regular scans and checkups done and have now completely recovered. My entire focus is now on the next missions of ISRO.

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