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‘Only Congress can challenge BJP at the national level’, Sachin Pilot in AAP’s court – India TV Hindi

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Sachin Pilot in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’

Sachin Pilot in Aap Ki Adalat: Amid reports that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar may soon join the BJP camp, Congress General Secretary Sachin Pilot has said that he is still hopeful that the seat sharing will be finalized ‘very soon’. Sachin Palayat was answering questions in Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’.

When Sachin Pilot was asked why Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee had decided to contest the elections alone in West Bengal, Pilot replied: ‘As far as seat sharing is concerned, every regional party has importance. Be it Bengal, Maharashtra, Bihar or Punjab, if anyone can challenge BJP at the national level, it is the National Congress Party. We all understand that we have to do something. We are ready for seat sharing because it is necessary to win this election for democracy. Only a strong opposition can run a democracy. Therefore, our alliance with ‘India’ is based on issues and very soon after resolving all the issues, we will start sharing seats.”

Rajat Sharma: But there is less time left and it has not been decided yet who will be the coordinator of this alliance? Who will be the candidate for the post of Prime Minister?

Sachin Pilot: ‘It was decided long ago that we will not do leadership with the ambition of holding any post. The decision as to who will hold which post will be taken in time. The first objective is to create unity. It is not easy. I want to tell you that there are so many parties, different backgrounds, different ways of thinking of people. Many times we even fight amongst ourselves, in front of each other. Imagine, it is not an easy task to bring different parties together in such a big country and take it forward smoothly. But everyone felt that this unity and unity was necessary. That’s why India Alliance was formed and I feel that if the unity of the opposition grows stronger due to the formation of India Alliance, then there will be a good electoral contest with NDA. And don’t forget that NDA’s partners, Akali Dal, Shiv Sena, JDU, all left BJP. Now BJP feels that if it can win the entire field on its own then it will be known in the Lok Sabha elections.

On Mamata Banerjee’s comment that Congress is being run by Leftists against whom he fought for 34 years, Sachin Pilot said: ‘I do not agree with her. Mamta ji is a very respected leader and became the Chief Minister of Bengal several times. They have a different structure inside Bengal. Everyone has equal stake in India Alliance. We are discussing how seat sharing will happen in Bengal. The result will be out very soon. But the objective is that if you add the votes of all the parties who are allies of India Alliance, you will get more than 60 percent votes. And those who were partners of NDA got less than 35 percent votes. So BJP is worried that if all the allies of India Alliance contest the elections together then anything can happen. That’s why they are more concerned about the unity of India Alliance. ,

Adani and Congress

When Rajat Sharma asked that Rahul Gandhi has been taking the name of Adani for the last 9 years. He says that Modi ji gave airports to Adani ji, gave him land, favored him, gave him ports. But in Telangana, Congress Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has signed the first agreement of Rs 12,400 crore with Adani as soon as the government was formed.

On this, Sachin Pilot replied: ‘If any industrialist or any industry qualifies in any competition, any bidding and he invests in the state, then any state government would want money to come, investment and employment, industry. Engaged. There is nothing wrong in this. But if you ignore the rules and regulations and find a way to give the country’s mines, power plants, airports, ports, railways, everything to one or two people, then it is the property of the country, it should be used in a transparent manner. . Our only question is that if something is happening in which there is scope for doubt then please transparency should be maintained. The work should be transparent.

Rajat Sharma: You had a government in Rajasthan. Ashok Gehlot’s government signed an investment of Rs 25,000 crore with Adani Group.

Sachin Pilot: No, not like that. I am saying.. invest one lakh crore, but bidding should be done through competition. You qualify. You follow the rules and regulations. Invest. No one has any objection.

Rajat Sharma: Adani ji had come to ‘Aapki Adalat’. I asked him did you get all this? He said, I can give account of each and every thing. I have taken everything through competitive bidding and no favors. But they feel that Rahul ji does not know what is the problem?

Sachin Pilot: No, it is not like that. I think there were some cases in which clarification could not be made. And look, you and I know how the bidding process can be managed sometimes.

Rajat Sharma: When there is a Congress government, it is not managed, but where there is a BJP government, it is managed?

Sachin Pilot: We are talking about the national level.

Rajat Sharma: This cannot be double standard. You will continuously abuse Ambani Adani for nine years and then also give him contracts in Congress governments.

Sachin Pilot: “If any industrial group wants to do some work transparently, then no matter which state it is in, it should get permission. If it does it in a non-transparent manner, then even if it is a Congress government, it should also be investigated.” There should be. I just believe that the standards should be equal. If people suspect that something has gone wrong or there is a case going on in the court or there is a report coming where we feel that something has gone wrong. If so, that is not correct.”

Rajat Sharma: Is it difficult to defend?

Sachin Pilot: ‘Absolutely not. When we were in government (UPA), allegations were made every day. Crony capitalism. This is happening, that is happening. Today it has been 10 years, BJP government could not provide any proof. 2G Scam, CAG Scam, I don’t know what scam they used to call. Nothing has come to light till date. We say you used to talk so much. If anyone asks a question in your kingdom, please answer. I cannot hold anyone guilty. You guys are the judges, I can only ask questions. Even if we asked questions while being in the opposition, 150 MPs were thrown out. If you ask questions, you are told that you are a traitor…you did this, you did that. If SEBI is investigating a case and someone has filed something in the court, then the government should give its answer. The matter will end, but delaying it, complicating it… that’s why controversy arises.

defeat in elections

Rajat Sharma asked about the defeat of Congress in the Rajasthan Assembly elections that the leaders of your party say that if you had not clashed with Ashok Gehlot, if both of them had fought the elections together, then perhaps such a situation would not have happened.

On this Sachin Pilot said- We lost in all three states. I am very sorry and sad that we lost the elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. There are 200 assembly seats in Rajasthan and we could win 70 seats in the 2023 elections. As far as the allegation that the party lost because of me is concerned, let me clarify that in 2013 our party had won only 21 seats. Then I was not responsible for the defeat? It is very easy to say this… and if we had won the elections, then what would we have said? We all worked hard together in this election. For the last 30 years, the tradition in Rajasthan has been for BJP for five years and Congress for five years. So we said that we should work hard to break this trend and we had some issues, I accept that. But we sat and talked again. Kharge ji, Rahul ji, we all sat. But unfortunately we could not convince the public. But I want to tell that our vote percentage has not reduced. We got about 40 percent votes which is 1.5 percent less than BJP. So it is not that we have completely lost the elections. Or our morale has fallen. Okay, defeat is victory. Out of 200 seats, we were able to win 70. For your information, let me tell you that after the elections were over, the government there was formed by BJP. But within three weeks the by-election (Karanpur) took place. In this by-election, BJP candidate (Surendra Pal Singh), who was made a minister by BJP, lost to Congress candidate (Rupinder Singh Cooner) by about 12 thousand votes. So within three weeks the public showed that people who were not even MLAs were made ministers yet they lost the elections. We all had gone there to campaign.

When Rajat Sharma reminded Sachin Pilot that then Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had once called him a “traitor” and had also filed a case, Sachin Pilot replied: ‘I think you will have to create a separate court. We will have to call them and ask them. What he said, what he didn’t say. But there must be some reason for this treason case, all these proceedings and the incidents that happened? No one is unfaithful like this. Something must have happened somewhere, right? So when all these incidents came to light, all of us, our friends, came to Delhi. We presented our views and had a long discussion. Today late Ahmed Patel is no more. We tried to find a solution by discussing with everyone and then moved forward.”

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