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Ooty became Kashmir, onlookers were surprised and said – Can’t imagine, this can also happen? – India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
Kashmir became Ooty of Tamil Nadu

The minimum temperature in Ooty, Tamil Nadu’s most popular hill station, dropped to 1.3 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Severe cold continues in Ooty. On Sunday morning, there was a sharp drop in mercury along with cold and frost and the delightful hill station Ooty became a mini Kashmir. Due to snowfall, thick sheet of snow was seen due to which people living in Ooty started enjoying Kashmir. However, the severe cold disrupted normal life of people as they were seen hiding around bonfires to keep themselves warm.

The hill district of Nilgiri experiences severe cold from November to February every year. However, its start got delayed due to rain coupled with storm in January this year. Ooty city and surrounding areas like Kanthal, Pinker Post and Thalai Kunta received so much snowfall on Sunday morning that the entire area looked like a snowy field. Due to frost, water drops on the lawns of Ooty and its surrounding areas looked like frozen lumps. Especially in areas like Ooty Race Course, Thalikunda, Kanthal, Pinkarpost etc., it seems as if a white carpet has been spread on the frosty green lawn. Up to an inch of snow was found on parked vehicles. Due to snowfall, many people are affected by cold, cough and rash on hands and feet.

Meanwhile, the cold in the village in the upper reaches of Tamil Nadu forced locals, who were not used to such low temperatures, to seek warmth indoors, while life across the region came to a standstill. . Large patches of snow on the grass in the Nilgiri district seem like a wonderland, where fresh dew drops, often called white frost, are spread over the green grass. White cold was witnessed in many areas of the popular hill station including Ooty Nagar, Thalikunda, HPF, Kanthal and Fingerpost. Up to an inch of snow was found on parked vehicles. According to local meteorological department officials, there has been considerable variation in day and night temperatures in recent weeks, with the maximum temperature hovering above 25 degrees Celsius while the minimum temperature remains around 1.3 degrees.


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