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Owaisi said in AAP’s court – I am not Babar’s spokesperson, get my DNA test done – India TV Hindi

Asaduddin Owaisi in your court

On Saturday, Asaduddin Owaisi expressed his opinion on many things in India TV’s special show Aap Ki Adalat. The idols were kept in Babri Masjid. Babri was demolished on 6 December. Vyas family said that the mosque was closed. When your temple was closed. I don’t provoke anyone, I keep my point. Hindu-Muslim is being divided, Hindus are being made to fight with Muslims. There are few mosques for my mother and few for my father. The environment should not be spoiled. It is about the time when there was no constitution.

BJP wants to snatch the mosque

When PM’s convoy passes through Sunehari Bagh Mosque, Azaan is not given, you ask. Why would I not say Babri Masjid Zindabad, this is my right. When a mosque is built, it is not demolished. We have lost the mosques. BJP had said in the Supreme Court that we will not touch the mosque. If we read the decision of Babri Masjid Supreme Court, the court said that the mosque was not built by demolishing the temple. I will go telling my children not to let the mosque be taken away.

two big muftis came to me

So I said, look brother, I am swimming in the middle of the ocean, now I can’t even swim to the shore. I said that we will support Samajwadi Party, get them into alliance with me. I demanded those 10 seats where there is no MLA from Samajwadi Party. Both became very happy. Mufti said, wow sir! May Allah keep you well, pray Bismillah. He went away after blessing me and said that Maulana was very happy and said that he would try. That effort is still going on.

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