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Planning to attack Parliament will be exposed, narco test of accused is being conducted in Gujarat

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Investigation into the attack on Parliament continues.

The Special Cell of Delhi Police is continuously taking action in the case of security lapse in Parliament House last month. Let us tell you that two youths had created a lot of ruckus by entering the Lok Sabha during the winter session of the Parliament. Police suspect that this incident is part of some bigger conspiracy. Police have so far arrested 6 accused in this case. In this connection, the police is conducting polygraph and narco-analysis test of 5 accused in Gujarat.

narco test in ahmedabad

On the orders of the court, the team of Delhi Police Special Cell is present in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Here, narco test of Manoranjan D and Sagar Sharma is being conducted in the most important forensic lab of the country. It is expected that all the tests will be completed by Friday. There will be a polygraph test of all the five accused. At the same time, Sagar and Manoranjan will also have to undergo narco-analysis and brain mapping tests.

Is entertainment the mastermind?

During interrogation, Lalit had made a big revelation, he had said that the real mastermind is Manoranjan. Manoranjan was continuously trying for funding. His aim was to create a big organization. Apart from this, the responsibility of brainwashing and recruitment of youth was given to Sagar Sharma. This is the reason why the Special Cell of Delhi Police wants to know the truth from Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma’s brain mapping and narco. Before this, the Special Cell of Delhi Police has also conducted psycho analysis tests of all the accused.

Planning revealed during interrogation

Lalit has revealed that he had no idea that UAPA would be imposed on all of them due to this incident. They felt that we would soon become public figures after coming out on bail. Their plan was that after coming out on bail, they would give a message to the society and then take their propaganda forward through huge funding. The police now want to find out the truth whether this entire incident was carried out due to anti-national forces or whether foreign people and their funding are behind it. Or is it an issue related to terrorist activities.

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