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PM lashed out at Tejashwi Yadav in Aurangabad, said- ‘Bihar rejected the family oriented people’ – India TV Hindi

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PM Modi

Aurangabad: After the change of power in Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his first visit to the state. During this, he addressed an election rally in Aurangabad today. He also welcomed Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in this public meeting. Along with this, he also attacked RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav fiercely. PM Modi said that family oriented people have occupied the top positions of the parties formed by their parents. They have inherited the parties and along with them they have also inherited the corruption committed by them.

PM Modi said that after the increase in power of NDA, dynastic politics has started getting marginalized in Bihar. There is another irony of dynastic politics. We inherit a party and a chair from our parents, but do not have the courage to mention even once the work of our parents’ governments. This is the condition of dynastic parties.

‘In the old tour, Bihar was thrown into the fire of insecurity and terror’

He said that when there were old times in Bihar, the state was thrown into the fire of unrest, insecurity and terror. The youth of Bihar had to leave the state and migrate. Today is the era when we are developing the skills of the youth. To promote the handicrafts of Bihar, we have laid the foundation of Ekta Mall to be built at a cost of Rs 200 crore. This is the new direction of new Bihar. This is the positive thinking of Bihar. This is a guarantee that we will not let Bihar go back to the old era.

‘The greatest happiness of Ramlala’s enthronement is in Bihar’

Referring to the consecration of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya on January 22, the Prime Minister said that just a few days ago, the consecration of the grand temple of Ram Lalla had also taken place in Ayodhya. Ramlala is seated in Ayodhya, so it is natural that most happiness will be celebrated on the land of Mother Sita. I have come to share with you the joy in which Bihar was immersed in the life-consecration of Ram Lalla, the celebration that the people of Bihar celebrated, the gifts that were sent to Ram Lalla.

‘Now work is going on at a fast pace in Bihar’

Nitish Kumar said that work is now going on at a fast pace in the country and Bihar. I thank the Prime Minister and the Central Government for this. He said that now there is no dispute between us and now we will work together. Nitish Kumar said that earlier I had gone from here and disappeared, but now I will not go here and there. I will stay with you and keep working for Bihar.

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