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PM Modi gave a gift of Rs 11 thousand crore to Assam, said – the love here is my trust – India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
PM Modi is in Assam

Prime Minister Modi is in Assam today. PM Modi today gifted projects worth Rs 11 thousand crore to Assam. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “The inauguration of projects worth Rs 11,000 crore will strengthen the connectivity of Assam and Northeast with other countries of South Asia. These projects will increase employment opportunities in the tourism sector…”…PM Modi Today Maa laid the foundation stone of Kamakhya Access Corridor. With the completion of this project, pilgrims will get world class facilities. PM Modi said- Assam’s love is my trust.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Our pilgrimages, our temples, our places of faith, these are not just places to visit. These are indelible signs of the thousands of years of journey of our civilization. This is proof of how India has “Standed strong in the face of crisis.”

Today there are 12 medical colleges in Assam

PM Modi said, “Before the BJP government, there were only 6 medical colleges in Assam, whereas today there are 12 medical colleges. Assam today is becoming a big center for cancer treatment in the Northeast…” PM Modi says, “Independence Even those who remained in power for years after this could not understand the importance of sacred places of worship. For political gains, they started the trend of being ashamed of their own culture and history. No country can progress by ignoring its history. But, the situation in the country has changed in the last ten years…”

PM did road show

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a road show here on Sunday, waving and smiling from an open-top vehicle as thousands of locals lined up on both sides of the road, chanting his name and cheering loudly. People gathered on the roads through which the PM’s convoy passed and kept raising slogans of ‘Modi, Modi’. Prime Minister Modi shook his hand appreciating his warm welcome.

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