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PM Modi inquired about the condition of workers trapped in the tunnel, gave instructions to CM Dhami

Image Source : PTI/ANI
PM Modi and Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Dhami.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also very sensitive about the health of the workers trapped in Uttarkashi Silkyara Tunnel. PM Modi is calling Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami daily and taking updates about the 41 workers and their families trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel. On Friday also, PM Modi spoke to Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and took detailed information about the obstacles and hindrances arising in the rescue work.

Instructions given to CM Dhami

PM Modi has instructed CM Dhami to ensure the health of the workers after coming out of the tunnel and to make arrangements to send them to hospital or home if necessary. During this, the PM took information about the condition of the workers trapped inside the tunnel and the food and daily items given to them. He asked about the condition of the workers engaged in relief and rescue work and the security measures being taken for them and directed that there should be no shortage of any kind in this.

Why is there a delay?

CM Dhami told PM Modi that this tunnel is being constructed using the New Austrian Tunnel Method. He told that the work is being hampered when items made of steel come in front of the auger machine. In such a situation, all the blockages are being removed by the workers by stopping the auger machine and then taking it out, due to which the process is taking time. CM has also told that an alternative lifeline has been made with the help of 6 inch pipe. Through this, fresh cooked food, fruits, dry fruits, milk, juice as well as disposable plates, brushes, towels, small clothes, toothpaste, soap, etc. daily essential items are being sent packed in bottles to the workers trapped in the tunnel. Is.

CM talked to workers

The health of the workers is being continuously monitored by the doctors posted in the temporary hospital established in Silkyara. From ambulances to the nearest hospital, 41 special beds have been prepared for the workers. CM Dhami has also talked to the workers. It is also taking care of the families of the workers. Arrangements have been made for accommodation, food, clothes and transportation of the family members.

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