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PM Modi released commemorative coin on the 150th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada, said these things – India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a commemorative coin to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Srila Prabhupada in Delhi. On this occasion, PM Modi said that today on this occasion, I have also got the privilege of releasing a postal stamp and a commemorative coin in the memory of Srila Prabhupada Ji. For this also I congratulate all of you. The Prime Minister said that we are celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Prabhupada Goswami ji at a time when, just a few days ago, the hundreds of years old dream of a grand Ram temple has been fulfilled. The joy and enthusiasm visible on your faces today, I am sure, also includes the happiness of Ram Lalla’s presence.

PM Modi said these things

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu was the epitome of love for Krishna. He made spirituality and spiritual practice accessible to the common people. He told us that God can be attained not only through renunciation but also through joy. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu showed us how to become happy by celebrating the pastimes of Lord Krishna in our lives. Many seekers today are directly experiencing how one can reach the pinnacle of spirituality through Sankirtan, bhajan, song and dance.

The Prime Minister said that India never went to attack other countries to expand its borders. The ideological attacks of those who were unfamiliar with such a great philosophy, who did not understand it, influenced our psyche to some extent. Just a few months ago, a new India was seen from here through the G20 Summit. Today it is getting the privilege of organizing the World Vaishnav Convention and this is the picture of the new India.

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