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PM Modi spoke in the national convention of BJP, said- there will be no third term for enjoying power – India TV Hindi

Image Source : PTI
PM Modi is addressing the national convention of BJP.

New Delhi: PM Modi addressed the national convention of BJP. During this, he said that due to the loyalty and dedication of BJP workers, we are getting full blessings from the public. By forming the government for the third time in 2024, we are going to create an unmatched history of public service and national service. We have to gain everyone’s trust. When everyone’s efforts will be made then only BJP will get the maximum number of seats to serve the country. Even after being in power, BJP workers do so much for the society, they run day and night, only for the glory of Bharat Mata. . BJP workers keep doing something or the other to serve the country every day of the year, but now the next 100 days are to work with new energy, new enthusiasm, new enthusiasm, new confidence, new enthusiasm.

we have to develop india

PM Modi said that the world is loudly talking about the progress that India has achieved in the last 10 years. Height has been achieved in every field, combined with a big resolve, this is the resolve of developed India. This is also our dream, we have to develop India. The next 5 years are going to play a big role in this, work has to be done many times faster than before. Today the opposition leaders are also raising slogans against the NDA government. To take NDA beyond 400, BJP will have to cross the milestone of 370. The entire country believes that 10 years of impeccable tenure and lifting 25 crore people out of poverty is no mean achievement. We have freed this country from mega-scams and terror and have tried to improve the lives of the poor.

Not asking for third term to enjoy power

PM Modi further said that we have come out not for politics but for national policy. Those people whom no one asked, we not only asked them but also worshiped them. The heights that India has achieved in every field today have united every countryman with a great determination. This is the resolution of developed India. Now the country can neither see small dreams nor take small resolutions. Now dreams will also be huge and resolutions will also be huge. It is our dream and resolution that we have to develop India. We are people who believe in Chhatrapati Shivaji. When Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was crowned, he did not say that if we got power, let us enjoy it. He continued his mission. I am not a person who lives for my own pleasures and glory. I am not asking for the third term of the BJP government to enjoy power. I am a person who has come out with a resolve for the nation.

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