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Rahul Gandhi suddenly canceled his foreign tour, Congress gave this special reason

Image Source : PTI
Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi was about to leave for a foreign trip just after the assembly election results of five states came out. After the poor performance of Congress in the elections, commentary started on his foreign trip. However, now news has come that Rahul’s foreign tour has been cancelled. According to sources, Congress has said that Rahul’s foreign tour has been canceled due to unexpected circumstances.

Rahul was going to visit these countries

Rahul Gandhi was scheduled to go on a 7-day visit to South East Asian countries from December 8. He was to reach Malaysia on the evening of 8 December and stay there till 10 December. After this he was going to Singapore on 11-12 December. Rahul was scheduled to reach Jakarta on 13 December after Singapore. At the same time, on 14th December, Rahul would go to Hanoi. After this, he was going to leave for Delhi from Hanoi on the night of 15 December. According to the report, Rahul was going to address programs of Indian expatriates and students in some universities of these countries. However, now this program has been cancelled.

Congress has suffered a setback in the elections

Except Telangana, all the states have shown bad results for Congress. The BJP has secured absolute majority in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and also won two seats in Mizoram. Apart from this, BJP’s seats in Telangana have also increased from 1 to 8. After the results of these assembly elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has also come under target of opposition parties.

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