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Rajat Sharma participates in Delhi University Literature Festival at SRCC – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
India TV Chairman and Editor in Chief Rajat Sharma

New Delhi: India TV Chairman and Editor in Chief Rajat Sharma participated in the Delhi University Literature Festival at Shri Ram College of Commerce. DU To Prime Time Rajat Sharma shared the sweet and sour moments of his entire career with the students. During this, Shobhit Mathur, Co-Founder and Vice Chancellor of Rishihood University, asked many questions to Rajat Sharma among the students on his DU To Prime Time journey. To which Rajat Sharma replied in his own style.

After coming to SRCC, it feels as if I have returned to my home – Rajat Sharma

Rajat Sharma said that after coming to SRCC, it feels as if I have returned to my home. He tells that when there were students here, the auditorium here was not like this. This college was also not co-ed. At that time Arun Jaitley was the President of the college. That was absolutely moral policing. Didn’t even allow him to talk to anyone. When Shobhit Mathur asked Rajat Sharma, how did the idea of ​​Aap Adalat come to you? When this show completed thirty years, Rajat Sharma told that there was no planning for this show. This was an accident. Thirty years ago, Doordarshan and private channels had Zee News. Subhash Chandra was the owner of Ji News. During a journey, Gulshan Grover was in the flight. He wanted to talk to Subhash Chandra. When I told him this, Subhash Chandra said that you should interview Gulshan and telecast it on TV. The talk started from here and it started on the initiative of Subhash Chandra.

Also narrated the story related to your court.

While narrating the story of the first show of Aap Ki Adalat, Rajat Sharma says that on 12 February 1993, the first show of Aap Ki Adalat was of Lalu Yadav, but the first show was to be of Khushwant Singh. Students of SRCC and Miranda were called for Khushwant ji. More people from Bihar had to come for Lalu Yadav. Both interviews were to be held on the same day. First Khushwant Singh and in the evening Lalu Yadav. Lalu was the Chief Minister of Bihar at that time. Lalu ji called that he had to go to Patna. He will not be able to come to the show. He was told that complete preparations for the show had been made. After this Lalu arrived already and the first show of Lalu Yadav was recorded. That program of Lalu Yadav was made very interesting.

Also narrated the story with Narendra Modi

While telling about the difficult guest and the show, Rajat Sharma said that in 2014, the time for the interview of Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was fixed at 9.30 pm. All preparations are done. When Modi arrived, his throat was completely closed. Modi said, the throat gets clogged every night. After this he remained sitting for half an hour. It was eleven o’clock at night. But the throat did not heal. I told him to show his face to the audience. As soon as Modi entered the studio, everyone started chanting Modi-Modi. Asked Modi ji to ask two-three questions and within no time his throat was completely cured. After that the show continued for one and a half hour. How did the sound come? He said, we and you are blessed by the Goddess. That was the biggest hit show.

Told the story of the first day of college

While narrating the stories of his college, Rajat Sharma said that when I took my first step in this college, my luck had changed. Since he was from a poor family, he did not have enough money to pay the fees. Had brought money from piggy bank. When those who collected the fees counted, they fell short by three rupees. Was standing in line, cashier scolded. After this scolding, a voice came from behind, don’t talk to freshers like this. He was Arun Jaitley. He placed his hand on my shoulder and took out five rupees from his pocket and gave it to me. Then I deposited the fees. Rajat Sharma told that as long as Arun ji was alive he did not remove his hand from my shoulder.

When it seemed that Arun Jaitley might have become angry

While talking about Arun Jaitley, Rajat Sharma said that Arun Jaitley and I were together for 45 years. After demonetization I called him to court. The questions were a bit difficult. He left soon after the show ended. This was the first time this had happened, he had always stopped before. But when he left, Ritu ji said that you asked very tough questions to Arun ji. After this Amit Shah called and said that he would have left his friend. I called Arun ji. They called me, I went to the Finance Ministry. I said sorry to him. Arun ji said that your job is to ask questions, my job is to answer. I said some people said you felt bad. Arun ji said that such questions should be asked, only then the show becomes good. I also gave many sharp answers as if you are also standing with the people with black money.

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