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Rajat Sharma’s Blog | A well-thought-out strategy: a. Raja insulted Mother India – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

As the elections are approaching, the anxiety of the leaders of the opposition parties is increasing and in this matter they are scoring self-goals every day. On Tuesday, anti-Modi front ally DMK leader A. The king again spewed venom about Lord Ram. He even said that he spits on BJP’s Jai Shri Ram. A. The king refused to accept India as a nation. Said that if BJP asks to raise the slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, then we will not raise it at all because India is not a country, there is no nation, India is a group of states and every state is a nation in itself. A. Raja said that he does not believe in Ramayana, does not believe in Ramcharit Manas, he believes in Kamban’s Ramayana in which Ram made a Dalit his brother and a monkey his brother. A. Raja said this to Chief Minister M.K. in Coimbatore on Sunday, March 3. Said in a public meeting organized on Stalin’s birthday. By shouting on the mike in front of thousands of workers in a crowded meeting, A. Raja said that if BJP imposes the practice of worshiping a god by taking his name, then the people of Tamil Nadu will not accept it at all. A. The king also gave his own definition of nation. Said that a nation is one where there is a common culture, similar traditions, and a common language. In this sense, India is not a nation, India is a subcontinent made up of many nations. Therefore, if someone forces people to raise the slogan of Bharat Mata Ki Jai, the people of Tamil Nadu will never accept it.

A. Leaders like Raja have a wonderful double character. If he does not consider India as a country, then why does he contest the Parliament elections and sit in the Parliament? Why do we take oath on the Constitution? Why did people become ministers in the central government? This is the same A. There is Raja, who was the Communications Minister in the government of Dr. Manmohan Singh, whose name came up in the 2-G scam, then he was removed from the cabinet, he remained in jail, has been an MP five times, has been a minister in the Central Government four times. And they are saying that they do not consider India as a nation. That is, when ministers are in power, India is a nation to rule and when they are in opposition and out of power, India will not be considered a nation. This attitude is surprising. BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad asked whether DMK did not read the Constitution? What a. The king had taken a false oath on the Constitution and now he is talking about dividing the unity of the country? Congress A. There was no delay in rejecting the king’s statement. Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet said that Congress considers Lord Ram as an ideal and has faith in Lord Ram, hence Congress condemns Raja’s statement. Supriya Shrinet said that the leaders of Congress’s allies should speak thoughtfully. Whereas RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav said that A. Whatever Raja said is his personal opinion, RJD does not agree with it. DMK spokesperson T.K.S. Elangovan said that on his statement A. Only the king can give clarification, the party has nothing to say.

Let me remind here that on July 3, 2022, A. Raja met Chief Minister M.K. The demand for a separate country was raised in the presence of Stalin. Even at that time Stalin did not interrupt or stop him and later DMK termed Raja’s statement as his personal statement. But since it is election time, not only Stalin but also his allies will have to answer to Raja’s statement. As far as A. Raja’s statement is concerned, I want to say two things in it. The first is that now the argument that there is freedom of expression, anyone can say anything will not work. On Monday itself, the Supreme Court had reprimanded DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin for comparing Hindutva with malaria and dengue. Udhayanidhi M.K. Stalin’s son and is a minister in his father’s cabinet. Udhayanidhi had talked about eliminating Hindutva from its roots. When many cases were registered, we went to the Supreme Court to get relief, but the Supreme Court clearly said that freedom of expression does not mean freedom to spoil the environment and leaders and ministers should take special care of it. Even after this, the DMK leader again gave such absurd statements. Secondly, whether it is A.Raja or Udhayanidhi, they do not speak without thinking. This statement is part of his political strategy. The reality is that the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the temples of Tamil Nadu after the construction of Ram temple, went to Rameshwaram before consecration in Ayodhya, sat in Ranganathaswamy temple and listened to the recitation of Kamban Ramayana, hence now DMK is feeling that BJP is in Tamil Nadu. Can prepare your land. That is why now DMK leaders have started making derogatory statements against Hindus, Hindutva and Lord Ram. (Rajat Sharma)

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