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Rajat Sharma’s Blog | Brijbhushan will definitely get punished for his actions one day

Image Source : INDIA TV
Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

The brave daughters of the country cried again and the accused Brijbhushan Sharan Singh once again laughed out loud. Champion wrestlers who won medals said that they lost. Now the coming generations in wrestling will have to fight for the respect of their daughters themselves. Bahubali Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh said that “Dabdaba was, Dabdaba is, and Dabdaba will remain”. With tears in her eyes, Sakshi Malik announced that she will never enter the wrestling ring again and Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh said that the Rahu period that has been going on for 11 months in Indian wrestling is over, now there is no one who can compete with him in the ring. Indian Wrestling Federation WFI elections were held on Thursday. Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh won the election with all his pieces – President, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Member, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh’s people won all the posts. However, it was being claimed that now Brij Bhushan has nothing to do with the Federation. Vinesh Phogat, Sakshi Malik and many female wrestlers had accused Brij Bhushan of coercing girls and sexually exploiting them. Allegations were made of financial and other irregularities in the federation. Players sat on strike twice at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, the Sports Minister held several rounds of talks. A case was registered against Brij Bhushan. The strong BJP MP was assured of keeping him away from the federation and elections.

Brij Bhushan and any member of his family were banned from contesting the federation elections, but even after this, Brij Bhushan Bahadur was seen laughing at the wrestler’s daughters and claimed that he had got 90 percent of the votes. Now the question is whether Brij Bhushan has become bigger than the government? Did the daughters’ struggle go in vain? Did the wrestlers’ allegations make no sense? Is the charge sheet of Delhi Police of no importance? Was the sympathy shown towards the daughters who won medals and brought glory to the country, and the promises made to them false? The celebration of the election results took place at Brij Bhushan’s house itself. Those who won the election were already present at Brijbhushan’s house. Commonwealth Games gold medalist Anita Sheoran stood against Sanjay Singh for the post of WFI President but out of total 47 votes, Sanjay Singh got 40 votes and Anita Sheoran got only 7 votes. As soon as the results came, fireworks started at Brij Bhushan’s house. Brijbhushan came out of the house like a winner. Sanjay Singh was following Brij Bhushan. Other officials were also beside Netaji. Those who won had no garland around their neck, no flowers were showered on them. All the garlands were around Brijbhushan’s neck, flowers were also showering on Netaji. As soon as he came out, Brij Bhushan showed the victory sign with a sarcastic laugh, stroked his moustache, and said that he had dominance, is dominant, and will remain dominant, dominance is God given.

While Brij Bhushan was delivering dialogues, new president Sanjay Singh was praising Netaji’s dialogues. Sanjay Singh said that even though he won the elections, the soul of wrestling is Brij Bhushan. Brij Bhushan said that now wrestling will get new life. Brij Bhushan went back into the house after raising slogans, boasting in front of the media, making the opposing wrestlers realize his strength. On the other hand, Vinesh Phogat, Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik were watching Brij Bhushan’s talk on TV, they had tears in their eyes. All three wrestlers gathered a lot of courage and came in front of the cameras, tried hard to speak but no one could speak for more than two minutes. Everyone said that there is no more courage, there is no hope now, we have lost, we don’t know where we get justice in our country, we have knocked on all the doors, where should we go now, the accused and the criminals are laughing in victory. Are. They are laughing at our helplessness, they don’t know what will happen to girls in wrestling now. Sakshi Malik took off her shoes and placed them on the table, crying and said that now she will never enter the ring, she will never be seen on the mat. Saying this she got up crying and went away. Brijbhushan did what he said. They proved that their dominance will remain in the wrestling association but today everyone’s heart must have cried after seeing the tears of the daughters who won medals for the country. Everyone must have been angry at the helplessness of the system after seeing the laughter of Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, accused of sexual exploitation.

Brij Bhushan had already said that he has and will continue to dominate wrestling, it was promised to the wrestler daughters who brought glory to the country that the federation would be freed from the clutches of Brij Bhushan, but after winning the elections, Sanjay Singh returned to his master’s house. Arriving, the pride of victory was visible on Brijbhushan’s face. His preparation was complete because the voters were his, the system was his, the winning disciple was his. Brij Bhushan is a 6-time MP, runs more than 50 schools and colleges, has been to jail several times, and is a muscleman. He claims that he can make BJP win the elections with his dominance. If efforts are made to sideline him, he may join the Samajwadi Party. He has done this feat before. Mahabali Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh believes that the girls sitting in protest in front of him have no status. He thinks that what is the use of these champion and wrestler girls in BJP, they have neither votes nor support, what will happen if they cry. But I think Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh is forgetting something in his pride of victory. The charge sheet filed against him by Delhi Police is very dangerous. The allegations of sexual exploitation made by the girls against him are very serious. If they think that by showing their dominance by winning the elections of the Federation, they will intimidate the wrestlers who have made allegations and will make the witnesses turn hostile, then they are mistaken. The spark of Brijbhushan’s occupation in the Federation will become a fire, Sakshi and Vinesh’s tears will rain like acid in the court. There are delays in God’s house, but there is no darkness. When the long arm of the law reaches Brij Bhushan, he will realize his mistake. (Rajat Sharma)

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