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Rajat Sharma’s Blog | How Brij Bhushan was forced to leave the Indian wrestling world

Image Source : INDIA TV
Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh finally had to bow down. His dominance with the Indian Wrestling Association ended. Seeing this, the confidence of every player of the country towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi will increase. The exposure of Brij Bhushan’s arrogance is the answer to the tears of the brave daughters who won wrestling medals for the country, their debt to wrestling is accounted for. The same Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh who made the daughters who brought glory to the country cry, who was saying four days ago that there was dominance and will continue to dominate, the same Brij Bhushan was saying that there was arrogance in that statement, it went wrong, a mistake was made. Brij Bhushan’s disciple Sanjay Singh, after winning the election for the post of WFI President, was saying that Brij Bhushan is the soul of Indian wrestling, work will be done under his guidance. But on Sunday, Brij Bhushan said that he no longer has any connection with wrestling and wrestling association, he has completely distanced himself from wrestling, now Sanjay Singh should do whatever he wants to do, talk to the government, do it, go to court. Yes, go. The day Brij Bhushan had said that dominance will continue, on the same day I had said that it does not take long for times to change, this arrogance will not last long, the tears of daughters will not go in vain. His picture surfaced on Sunday.

Why did Brij Bhushan have a change of heart? Have they or have they been made to regret their mistake? Did he distance himself from the wrestling association or was he distanced from it? What happened in 48 hours that deflated Brij Bhushan’s dominance? Let me tell you why Brijbhushan Sharan Singh’s attitude changed. Whatever happened in the last 48 hours, Brij Bhushan lost all his arrogance. After receiving instructions from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP President JP Nadda called Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. Nadda asked Brij Bhushan why he was interfering in the wrestling association even after making the promise. Why did he play an active role in the WFI elections, and then make absurd statements after the results came out? Brijbhushan had no answer. After this, Nadda told in clear words that now his interference in the wrestling association will not be tolerated, now he will stay away from the wrestling association, will not even take the name of WFI, if he breaks his promise this time, the party will take action against him. The Sports Ministry had already received instructions on Sunday to take strict action against the disciples of Brij Bhushan. The ministry suspended the new federation of WFI, and suspended the president of the federation, Sanjay Singh, who is a favorite of Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.

At present, the responsibility of looking after the functioning of WFI has been given to the Indian Olympic Association. After this, Brijbhushan understood that now the water has gone above his head, if he still tries to maintain his dominance, then he is sure to drown. Therefore, Brij Bhushan thought it best to distance himself from WFI. Sakshi Malik, Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat are somewhat satisfied with the government’s decision to suspend WFI officials for the time being. Sakshi Malik has indicated that she will reconsider her decision. Sakshi Malik said that her fight was never against the Sports Ministry or the government. He had started the fight against Brij Bhushan to save the honor of his daughters, that fight will continue in the future also. I am happy that the Prime Minister took action within 48 hours. Brij Bhushan ended Sharan Singh’s dominance in wrestling. Gave confidence to wrestling champion daughters. Gave a message to everyone that no bully will be allowed to act arbitrarily in wrestling. Gave a message to the wrestlers that Vinesh and Sakshi’s tears will not go in vain. Bajrang Punia’s struggle will not go in vain. Brij Bhushan felt that he could have an impact on victory or defeat on 4-5 seats in UP. Elections are on the horizon, so no one can tell them to do whatever they want. He also got the message that JP Nadda is not such a president who gets scared of these threats. It is true that after Brij Bhushan’s bullying statement and Sakshi Malik’s announcement of leaving wrestling with tears in her eyes, there was an atmosphere of disappointment among the people playing and watching wrestling. When Bajrang Punia also announced to return the Padma Shri, it was also a decision taken out of desperation.

The tables were turned when the Sports Ministry banned the activities of the wrestling association. The restraint that JP Nadda imposed on Brijbhushan Sharan Singh turned the tables and created confidence among the wrestlers. But Sanjay Singh of the wrestling association is a disciple of Brij Bhushan. Sanjay Singh is still trying. Sometimes they say that they are not relatives of Brij Bhushan, sometimes they say that they will talk to the government, sometimes they say that they will go to court, so there is a need to be careful now. Freeing the wrestling association from bullies is not an easy task. It is even more difficult to reassure the brave daughters who have the desire to wrestle, but because of Prime Minister Modi, hope has arisen. A ray of hope has appeared. We should trust that the wrestlers will no longer need to take to the streets to fight for their rights. Wrestlers like Vinesh, Sakshi and Bajrang who showed courage and took risks, I hope that now they will not have to take the shelter of any politician. The more the whole issue of wrestling stays away from politics, the better. Most of all, I would praise the courage of those women wrestlers who lodged a complaint with the police against the atrocities, and despite all kinds of pressures, they stood firm on their stand. Because of these, the day came that Brijbhushan had to give up wrestling. I hope that this fight for the rights of champion daughters will soon reach a decisive point. (Rajat Sharma)

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