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Rajat Sharma’s Blog | Sandeshkhali: Mamta will now have to give clarification in the court of public – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

For the first time, public pressure on Mamata Banerjee is clearly visible. West Bengal Police is now out of compulsion to arrest Trinamool Congress leader Sheikh Shahjahan, who tortured women and grabbed land in Sandeshkhali. Now Trinamool Congress leaders have also started saying that Sheikh Shahjahan will definitely be arrested, if anyone has worked against the law, the government will not forgive him. In fact, the Calcutta High Court strongly reprimanded the Bengal Police on Monday. The court said that the matter of stay of the court on the arrest of Sheikh Shahjahan is a white lie, the court has not imposed any stay, Shahjahan should be arrested immediately. After this, Bengal Police indicated that Sheikh Shahjahan may be arrested. Before this, the police has arrested another of his associates. People’s resentment against the police is increasing in Sandeshkhali. Now the women of Sandeshkhali are taking the law into their own hands. The house of a local Trinamool Congress leader in Sandeshkhali was attacked by members of the public on Monday. Shankar Sardar whose house was attacked is close to Sheikh Shahjahan. Bengal Governor C.K. Anand Bose has also said that after the order of the High Court, the situation is very clear, if even now the police does not take action and does not end the illegal empire of Sheikh Shahjahan, then he will take all necessary steps.

On Monday, the High Court asked the Bengal government that many cases have been registered against Sheikh Shahjahan on serious charges for the last four years, why has he not been arrested yet? What were the police doing till now? At least now the police should take action without any delay. Although now it seems that Mamata’s police will crack down on the Trinamool Congress goons in Sandeshkhali, but the question is, why is the police awake so late? Till now, why were Trinamool Congress leaders calling the people of Sandeshkhali as agents of BJP? Why was Mamata Banerjee telling a fabricated story about the ordeal of the women of Sandeshkhali? Now why suddenly Mamta’s attitude changed? If Sheikh Shahjahan had not attacked the ED team that had come to investigate the ration scam, then perhaps this matter would not have come before the world. After the attack on the ED team, the whole country came to know the name of Sheikh Shahjahan. Para military forces were deployed, BJP leaders visited, the court intervened and the people of Sandeshkhali felt that they could get justice and get relief from the atrocities of Sheikh Shahjahan. Therefore his dark deeds started coming to light. It was revealed that most of the lands of Sandeshkhali have been forcibly occupied by Sheikh Shahjahan and his goons, who collects a tax from every family. The one who does not give cut money to Shahjahan gets his ration water cut off, people do not get ration from government ration without the permission of Sheikh Shahjahan. What’s more, Sheikh Shahjahan’s goons abduct the women and girls there, rape them and threaten to kill their family members if they open their mouths.

The police of the area follow the instructions of Sheikh Shahjahan. All these stories came out one by one, people kept shouting but Mamata’s police did not take any action against Sheikh Shahjahan. After this, videos of women surfaced, women narrated their ordeal, even after that Mamta did not take action. If Mamata had taken action on the same day, had not called the women’s statement a lie, had ordered the arrest of Sheikh Shahjahan, then perhaps this matter would not have escalated so much. But Mamta kept trying to give it a political colour. When the matter went out of hand, Mamta started feeling that due to Muslim votes, Hindu votes could turn against her, due to one Sheikh, there could be a loss in the whole of Bengal, then Mamta talked about action. Mamta knows that a Nandigram incident in 2007 created such a storm that the roots of the Left parties in Bengal were uprooted. By making Nandigram an issue, Mamata made a big change in Bengal. Now Sandeshkhali Nandigram should not become vacant and BJP should not take advantage of it, hence Mamata is forced to take action against Sheikh Shahjahan. There are dozens of cases against him, there are thousands of witnesses, so it is possible that Sheikh Shahjahan may be arrested in the next twenty-four hours. But it’s late now. Now Mamata’s government will have to answer in the court and Mamata Banerjee will also have to give clarification in the public court. (Rajat Sharma)

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