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Ram Mandir: Grand inauguration of another Ram temple, 1,000 km away from Ayodhya, know – India TV Hindi

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Ram temple inaugurated in Navagarh

Over 1,000 km away from the historic city of Ayodhya, another grand Ram temple was inaugurated on Monday, January 22, 2024 and has also become a spiritual landmark. The temple is over 1,000 kilometers from Ayodhya and stands on a hill about 1,800 feet above sea level in Odisha. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed the consecration rituals at the inauguration of the grand Ram temple of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya, Fatehgarh village in Nayagarh also witnessed the inauguration of a 73-foot tall temple dedicated to Lord Ram.

Temple built with donations from devotees

According to local media reports, the temple, which stands at a height of 165 feet, was completed through generous donations from villagers and devotees across the state. The residents of Fatehgarh contributed half of the funds required for the construction of the temple. According to media reports, the construction work of the temple started in the year 2017 and more than 150 dedicated workers donated their labor in the construction work of this temple project, due to which this temple has become such a story of love for Lord Ram for those workers. It took more than seven years of hard work to build it.

better prospects for tourism

According to local reports, the hill temple is expected to become a better tourist destination after the inauguration. As OTV reports, the roots of this effort go back to the 1912 ‘Nabkalebar’ – a reconstruction of the wooden icons of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Shubhadra – where Fatehgarh played a key role by providing a sacred tree for the wood, Which was part of the ritual. To honor this historical connection and commemorate this event, the villagers formed the Shri Ram Seva Parishad Committee, which led the initiation and eventual completion of the temple.

The temple has a rich history

According to OTV, the location of the temple holds a rich history, with locals pointing out that during times of drought, prayers were offered at this very spot as a prayer for rain, calling it Giri Govardhan. Built in the traditional Odia architectural style, reminiscent of iconic structures like the iconic Tara Tarini and Konark temples, the sanctum sanctorum of the temple rises to an impressive height of 65 feet. There are four additional temples around the main temple dedicated to Sun God, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman.

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