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Relief and rescue work intensified to rescue workers trapped in Silkyara Tunnel

Image Source : PTI
Operation intensified to rescue laborers trapped in Silkyara Tunnel

Uttarkashi : There is relief news for 41 workers and their families trapped in Silkyara Tunnel of Uttarkashi. Relief and rescue operations have intensified to rescue the workers trapped in the tunnel. According to the information, 67% drilling has been completed and horizontal pipe up to 42 meters has been laid. The next phase of work will start in the next two hours. Good news is expected in a few hours. Electricity and water supply is operational in the safe part of the tunnel. Cooked food and medicines are being delivered to the workers by pipeline. There was also video communication of workers with the rescue team, which boosted the morale of the workers trapped in the tunnel.

Tunnel experts present on site

Various government agencies have been deployed to ensure the safe evacuation of workers and each has been assigned a specific task. National and international tunnel experts are present on site to advise on the rescue operation. Jharkhand Government’s Joint Labor Commissioner Rajesh Prasad said that out of the 41 workers trapped in the tunnel, 15 are from Jharkhand (districts – Giridih, Ranchi, East Singhbhum, Khunti). Jharkhand government team is ready in Uttarkashi. After coming out of the tunnel, all 15 laborers will be airlifted from Dehradun to Ranchi. The airlift is to be done after being declared medically fit by the team of doctors.

Rescue efforts continue at many levels

A communication system with wire connectivity has been developed by the rescue team so that there can be clear communication with the workers trapped in the tunnel. At the same time, to save the workers from the auger boring machine, NSIDCL started another horizontal boring from Silkyara side in which 42 meters of pipe has been laid. Vertical drilling is being done by SJVNL. Thus, rescue efforts are being made at many levels. Let us tell you that a part of the Silkyara tunnel under construction on the Chardham Yatra route in Uttarkashi district had collapsed on November 12, due to which workers were trapped on the other side of the debris, and a rescue operation is being conducted on a war footing to rescue them.

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