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Rivaba was asked a question regarding Ravindra Jadeja’s father’s statement, he said this – India TV Hindi

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Ravindra Jadeja and his wife Rivaba Jadeja sitting with Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Just a few days ago, Indian bowler Ravindra Jadeja’s father had given an interview to a media house. In that interview he had told that he had not met his son for a long time. This statement of Ravindra Jadeja’s father Anirudh Singh Jadeja went viral very quickly on social media and then the discussion on this topic intensified among the people. Now Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba Jadeja has given her reaction on this subject.

Rivaba got angry at the reporter

During a public event, a reporter asked BJP MLA Rivaba Jadeja a question about his family tension. Rivaba Jadeja got angry after hearing this question. Giving his reaction to the reporter’s question, he advised the reporter to stay away from such personal questions in the public domain. He further said, why are we here today? If you want to know about it you can contact me directly.

Ravindra Jadeja had said this

As soon as Ravindra Jadeja’s father’s interview went viral on social media, Ravindra Jadeja also gave his reaction on it. While sharing the post on social media, he said, ‘All these things are meaningless and false. Those are one-sided comments which I deny. The attempt to tarnish my wife’s image is condemnable. I also have a lot to say but it would be better if I do not reveal those things publicly.

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