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Severe cold in Delhi and UP, school holidays extended, know the condition of your state

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Severe cold in Delhi and UP

IMD Weather Forecast Today: The entire North India including Delhi-NCR is in the grip of cold wave. Severe cold is being seen in Delhi-NCR. From the plains to the mountains, people are facing the brunt of the weather. There is a possibility of dense fog in all the northern states including the capital Delhi. Light fog was seen in Delhi-NCR in the morning. There is a possibility of further increase in cold in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh. Besides, the conditions of cold wave are also going to become serious. Not only this, the cold wave is going to increase further in Delhi-NCR also. Because there is a possibility of rain here in the next few days. There will be a drop in temperature due to rain, due to which the cold may increase further in Delhi. Along with rain, severe westerly winds will also blow in Delhi-NCR, due to which the temperature may drop.

Weather of UP and Bihar

Cold wave outbreak is also being seen in Uttar Pradesh. Besides, UP is also in the grip of dense fog. Visibility has also been seen to be very low. Cold day situation may arise in Uttar Pradesh. Let us tell you that in Muzaffarnagar the mercury has reached 4.3 degrees Celsius. In view of the severe cold in the state, schools have been closed in Prayagraj till January 6.

Weather of Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab

If we talk about the weather of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana, then further increase in cold wave may be seen here during the next 24 hours. The oppression of winter continues in Rajasthan for the last 4 days. In view of the severe cold and dense fog here, the holidays of government schools in the state have been extended. Winter vacation was till 5 January. But keeping in mind the cold, Jaipur District Collector Prakash Rajpurohit has extended the holidays of children from class 1 to class 8 till January 13. There is a government holiday in the state on January 14 and January 15. Whereas schools for children up to 8th will open from January 16.

There will be dense fog in these states

According to the Meteorological Department, dense fog may be seen in Uttar Pradesh for the next three days. Also, visibility is also likely to be less than 50. Apart from UP, dense fog can be seen in Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and many states of North East in the next 2 days. Whereas in Madhya Pradesh, dense fog can be seen for a few hours on January 5. An alert has also been issued in many states regarding dense fog.

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