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Shocking answers of public in India TV Poll on Maldives dispute, know here

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India-Maldives relations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lakshadweep on January 2. Posted some pictures of the moments spent on the beach on social media. The Prime Minister wrote that travelers should go to Lakshadweep. On this, Maldives’ Deputy Minister of Youth Rights, Information and Arts, Mariam Shiuna made objectionable remarks. After this, other ministers of Maldives commented, in which an attempt was made to say that the shores of India are nothing in comparison to the beaches of Maldives. After this the ruckus increased. Personalities from various walks of life in India took strong exception to the Maldives minister’s remarks. As the uproar escalated, the Maldives government presented its stand on the entire issue. After this, the Maldives government suspended three ministers, Mariam Shiuna, Malsha Sharif and Mahjoom Majeed. We ran a poll on India’s growing influence on this entire issue. People expressed their opinions in this poll of India TV, the figures of which are shocking.

More than nine thousand people gave their opinion

On various platforms of India TV, we had asked the public, “Is the removal of three Maldivian ministers due to their controversial remarks on Prime Minister Modi a result of India’s growing influence?” And we had given the options of ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘can’t say’. A total of 9,593 people registered their answers on the poll, the figures of which are quite surprising. 90 percent people answered ‘yes’, while 7 percent chose the ‘no’ option. Apart from this, the answer of 3 percent people is ‘cannot say’.

India-Maldives relations

Image Source : INDIATV

India-Maldives relations

Relations between India and Maldives

It is noteworthy that in recent months, there has been tension between India and Maldives after the new President Mohammad Muizzu took office. Mohammad Muizzu is considered close to China and has also indicated changes in foreign policy. He also visited China on 7 January. Meanwhile, PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep has made a lot of headlines on social media. Social media users are comparing Lakshadweep with Maldives, a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches.

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