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Short circuit in hair dryer while drying hair, fire broke out in the room, then what the PG owner did

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Sometimes a person’s small mistake or carelessness proves to be a big one, which also teaches other people to be careful in future. Minor carelessness with electrical items sometimes turns into a major accident. In fact, recently an incident has come to light, in which a small mistake of a girl has proved to be very costly for her.

Burning hair dryer thrown on bed

This incident has come to light from Electronics City Police Station in Bengaluru. According to the police, the incident occurred when Shambhavi, a software professional, was in a hurry to go to office and was drying her hair with a hairdryer. While drying hair, the hair dryer caught fire due to an electrical short circuit. Shambhavi immediately threw the burning hair dryer on the bed. Beds and other furniture were burnt to ashes in the incident.

PG owner complained to police

Police said the PG owner accused Shambhavi of negligence. On Friday, he lodged a police complaint against the software professional regarding the damage to the furniture due to fire.

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