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Strange politics in Jharkhand, Grand alliance hid MLAs, BJP accused of this – India TV Hindi

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Political turmoil intensifies in Jharkhand

Congress leader Ghulam Ahmed Mir on Saturday said the newly formed grand alliance in Jharkhand under the leadership of Chief Minister Champai Soren will face the floor test on February 5. Speaking to ANI on Saturday, Jharkhand Congress in-charge Mir said that till the floor test is conducted, the MLAs are and will remain in a ‘safe place’. Earlier, newly appointed CM Champai Soren made a verbal attack on BJP and said that “Our government will work to give equal respect to the people of urban areas as well as rural areas. We will expose the conspiracy of BJP in Jharkhand Lok Sabha, Assembly. BJP will not even be able to open its account in the elections.”

Rajesh Thakur made a big attack on BJP

On Jharkhand Congress MLAs leaving for Hyderabad ahead of the floor test, state party president Rajesh Thakur says, “When the ‘chowkidar’ becomes a thief, one has to be careful of one’s own people. So, there is no problem in it.” After a lot of struggle we have got such a big victory. When MLAs want to stay together and face the trust vote together, what is the problem in it?… You must have seen that majority governments have been tweeted… So, we are doing this as a strategy. Have been. We have benefited from this strategy and will benefit in future also… When a Chief Minister in Bihar can betray his own MLAs – then all these things should be kept in mind… “

Several MLAs of the ruling coalition in Jharkhand, who left for Hyderabad after the swearing-in of Champai Soren, are currently staying at a private resort in the Telangana capital ahead of the floor test in the Assembly. The move is seen as an attempt by the ruling coalition to keep its group together and attempts to poach the key opposition party – BJP.

Ahmed Mir praised Hemant Soren

Congress leader Ahmed Mir said “For a sitting Chief Minister to step down and hand over the reins to a party colleague is unimaginable and unprecedented. The entire alliance unanimously chose Hemant Soren’s successor and formally proposed his name to the Governor as the next Chief Minister. We are grateful to the Governor for allowing us to hold the swearing-in ceremony. The alliance will be invited for a floor test in the Assembly on February 5. Till then, all our MLAs will be in a safe place,” the Congress leader said. That Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is going on, which is currently present in Jharkhand.

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