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The groom arrived with the Chanak wedding procession and threatened the bride, the bride was shocked, there was an uproar in the house, know again… – India TV Hindi

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Before the wedding date, a groom brought a wedding procession to the bride’s house and threatened to get married. As soon as the bride and her family saw him, there was a commotion but the marriage was completed hurriedly. The incident took place in Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh from where this strange incident has come to light. The bride’s family told that the wedding procession reached our doorstep a day before the wedding date. We were surprised to see the wedding procession before the scheduled day. The marriage procession was at the door and when the marriage procession arrived, the wedding was about to take place, so the villagers supported them and all the arrangements were made in a hurry and the marriage was conducted.

According to the information, the marriage of Rekha, daughter of late Ramphal Anuragi, resident of Sikrodi village of Hamirpur, was fixed with Betaram of Para Purva village of Sadar Kotwali. The wedding date was kept for 27th February. Both the parties were making preparations for the marriage but the marriage procession reached Rekha’s doorstep a day before the scheduled date i.e. on 26th February, seeing which every village was stunned.

This caused the error

The family members of the groom Betaram told that this happened due to problem in printing the card. The date of 26th February was printed on the card instead of 27th. No one is very educated in Uttar Pradesh, so people did not even pay attention to it. Cards were distributed among the relatives, so the relatives also arrived before the scheduled date and on 26th February, people along with the wedding procession reached Sikrodhi village to bring the bride. After reaching there everyone came to know that the wedding date was 27th February.

The villagers helped, the marriage took place

When the wedding procession reached Rekha’s house, people were surprised and upset after seeing the wedding procession. However, with the help of the villagers, all the arrangements were made and the marriage was conducted as per the rituals. The villagers told that Rekha’s father had died and when her wedding procession arrived at the door a day earlier, their preparations were spoiled but the villagers together made preparations to welcome the wedding procession overnight. Eating, drinking and all the wedding rituals were completed. After the marriage was over, Rekha was sent off.

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