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The groom Raja went out to get the bride sitting on a camel, got into trouble

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Kannur (Kerala): A groom riding on a camel and 25 people accompanying him caused a traffic jam on a busy road in northern Kerala’s Kannur district, following which the local police registered a case against them for causing obstruction to traffic. The groom Riswan, a native of Valapattanam, and his companions were booked by Chakkarakkal police after they traveled with a camel to their wedding venue earlier this week, police officials said.

Ambulance standing in traffic

The procession on camels accompanied by bursting of firecrackers and playing of band baja caused traffic jam on the busy road. Due to this, vehicles heading towards the airport and an ambulance got stuck. On the complaints of local people, police reached the spot and removed those who were creating disruption in traffic.

The groom rode a camel on a busy road

This incident is being told of last Sunday i.e. 14th January evening. The incident mainly involved Rizwan, a resident of Kannur, his family members and some friends. These people involved in the wedding procession took the groom on a camel and reached the bride’s house. During this period, there was a severe traffic jam on the road, due to which the moving vehicles had to face a lot of trouble. Due to this, the ambulance has also been standing in traffic for a long time.

Officials said that after this, a case was registered against 26 people including the groom on charges of illegal assembly and disruption of traffic. Visuals of the camel ride have surfaced on various social media platforms. (input language)

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