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The person running the salon had funded the accused, police got the clue through the passbook.

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The person running the salon had funded the accused.

Delhi Police has made a new revelation in the Parliament security lapse case. Giving information, Delhi Police said that the owner of a salon had given funding to one of the accused who created trouble in the Parliament. After getting the information, Delhi Police interrogated the owner of the salon. During interrogation, the salon owner also admitted that he knew the accused Manoranjan. However, the police have released the salon owner after questioning. Let us tell you that Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma had created ruckus in the Parliament.

Salon owner had given money to accused Manoranjan

Taking action in the Parliament security lapse case, the Delhi Police team said that a salon owner in Mysore had given a lot of money to the accused Manoranjan, after which the police interrogated the salon owner Surappa. This police interrogation lasted for about 6 hours. Surappa has confessed during interrogation that he had given money to Manoranjan because he knew Manoranjan well and whenever Manoranjan asked him for money, he did not refuse, but he did not know that he was doing anything wrong. Going to do.

Police got clues through passbook

After interrogation, Surappa has been released by the police. According to the information, Surappa’s salon shop is in Vijayanagar, Mysore. The house of accused Manoranjan is also in this area. So both know each other. From the bank passbook recovered by Delhi Police from Manoranjan’s room, the team came to know that Surappa had transferred money to Manoranjan’s account several times. It is noteworthy that on December 13, two accused Sagar and Manoranjan had created a ruckus in the Parliament by using colored smoke, later 5 more of their associates were also arrested.

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