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The wait for workers trapped in Silkyara tunnel increased, auger drilling machine malfunctioned

Image Source : PTI
Wait for workers trapped in Silkyara tunnel extended

The wait for the workers trapped in Silikyara tunnel of Uttarkashi has increased further. They will have to spend tonight also in the tunnel. Actually, the platform of the drilling machine was shaken and became unstable due to which the drilling work had to be stopped. Now once again the base is being strengthened. So far 48 meters of pipe has been laid.

10 meters of drilling left

After repairing the base of the platform of the drilling machine, the workers are likely to come out of the tunnel tomorrow itself. There is still about 10 meters of drilling left, after which a way for the workers to exit the tunnel can be made.

Workers will be taken out through stretchers

Once the drilling is completed, NDRF personnel will go in through the pipe and when they reach the workers, they will use their equipment to start sending them out of the tunnel one by one. NDRF personnel will evacuate the workers using wheeled stretchers tied with ropes.

41 workers are trapped in the tunnel since November 12

A part of the tunnel being built on the Yamunotri National Highway had collapsed on November 12 and 41 workers are trapped inside it for the last 11 days, for whom a rescue operation is being carried out on a war footing. After clearing the obstruction during ‘drilling’ on Wednesday, the rescue operation was started again on Thursday morning. By evening, drilling was once again hampered. Now all hopes rest on tomorrow.

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