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This is such a memorial of dogs, where the inscriptions of bravery and loyalty are recorded on the graves.

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Jamshedpur: We have heard many stories of dogs’ bravery and loyalty. In such a situation, a memorial site has been built in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand to save the bravery of these dogs. After the death of dogs, they are buried with respect at this site. Apart from this, their bravery is also recorded on their graves.

This dog canal is special

This is the first dog canal of its kind in the entire country. Tata Motors Company built a dog canal for the first time in 1964 in the Telco area of ​​Jamshedpur city, where an Alsatian breed dog named Rana von Accruel, deployed in the company’s security, was buried.

The company has been taking care of this canal for the last 60 years. So far, after burying 41 dogs, memorials have been made for them in the canal spread over about five acres. On each memorial, the dog’s name, breed, date of birth and death and the story of his loyalty, bravery and sacrifice are written.

Tata Motors Company was earlier known as Telco. It deployed four trained dogs for the first time in the year 1963 to protect properties in the company premises. Of these, two dogs were of Alsatian and two of Doberman breed. Four dog handlers were also kept with them, who were trained by the Bombay Police.

A dozen dogs of high breeds deployed for the security of the company

Even today, a dozen dogs of high breeds are deployed for the security of the company. Facilities like convenient single room, training ground, grooming shed, kitchen and operation theater are available for them. These dogs have won titles in dog shows in many cities across the country. Many times the district police and administration also take the help of these dogs.

In this city with a dog canal, preparations are also underway for the construction of an electric crematorium for respectful cremation of dead bodies of dogs and cats. Jamshedpur Kennel Club, Tata Steel and many other organizations are cooperating in the construction of this crematorium to be built on the Swarnarekha river ghat here. The electric crematorium to be built at a cost of about Rs 30 lakh will be the first in Jharkhand-Bihar. Dead bodies of street dogs, pet dogs and cats will also be cremated here. (Input: IANS)

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