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UCC will soon be implemented in Uttarakhand, Dhami government will bring bill in the assembly session – India TV Hindi

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CM Pushkar Singh Dhami

New Delhi: Big news related to Uttarakhand has come out. Uniform Civil Code (UCC) will soon be implemented in Uttarakhand. Dhami government will bring UCC bill in the assembly session. The committee will submit the draft to the state government on February 2. CM Pushkar Singh Dhami’s statement on this issue has also come out. He said that the government is committed to implementing UCC.

What is Uniform Civil Code?

Uniform Civil Code is called Same Civil Code in Hindi. It means one country and one law. In countries where Uniform Civil Code is applicable, all the laws made regarding marriage, child adoption, divorce, division of property and other subjects are equally applicable to citizens of all religions.

However, this is not the case in India yet. Here many personal laws are decided on the basis of religion. In such a situation, when Uniform Civil Code is implemented, all religions will have to accept the law which will be made in the Parliament.

What was the problem in implementing it in India?

Article 44 of the Constitution talks about equal law for all citizens. Still it could not be implemented in India. The biggest reason for this is that India is a country full of diversity. The customs and rituals of every religion are different. Let us tell you here that Uniform Civil Law was mentioned for the first time in 1835.

It was the British era and a report by the British government said that common law should apply to issues like crimes, evidence and contracts. People of various religions like Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain etc. also have their own separate laws. If Uniform Civil Code is implemented, then everyone will come under the ambit of one law.

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