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Uncle or nephew, with whom is Nawab Malik? This big signal is being received regarding NCP leader

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Sharad Pawar, Nawab Malik and Ajit Pawar.

Nagpur: The first day of the winter session of the Maharashtra government was full of uproar and surrounded by many tricky questions. One of these questions was that which group is Nationalist Congress Party MLA Nawab Malik with? Let us tell you that these days NCP, which plays an important role in the politics of Maharashtra, is divided into factions of uncle Sharad Pawar and nephew Ajit Pawar. Nawab Malik attended the winter session in Nagpur, but despite this neither Sharad Pawar nor the Ajit Pawar faction made it clear on which side they were on.

This indication is being given on the situation of Nawab Malik

Today Nawab Malik was sitting on the back chair with the ruling MLAs. If sources are to be believed, Nawab Malik may not be saying anything clearly on his part, but his sitting with the ruling MLAs makes it clear that he has given undeclared support to the Ajit Pawar group. Let us tell you that a case of money laundering and links with terrorist Dawood Ibrahim had come to light against Nawab Malik in a land ‘Goawala Compound’ in Kurla and he was also arrested by ED in this connection. After being in jail for more than a year, the court granted him bail on medical grounds.

Danve asked, is this acceptable to BJP?

The then opposition party BJP had accused Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray of the Mahavikas Aghadi government and the ruling NCP and Congress of supporting terrorists. Now Nawab Malik was seen sitting in the Assembly along with the ruling MLAs and was also present in the office given to Ajit Pawar faction. On this, Ambadas Danve, leader of the Uddhav Thackeray faction in the Legislative Council, asked whether Nawab Malik, whom BJP had accused of having links with terrorists and underworld and had also demanded his resignation, is acceptable to BJP to sit on the ruling chair?

Devendra Fadnavis expressed his objection by writing a letter

Responding to Danve’s question, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said that when Nawab Malik was arrested by ED, why did the then Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray not remove him from the cabinet. He said, ‘First you answer this question and then ask for the answer from us. We will respond. Later, expressing displeasure over the question of taking Nawab Malik into the grand alliance, Fadvis also wrote a letter to Ajit Pawar. Devendra Fadnavis wrote in the letter, ‘Today former minister and assembly member Nawab Malik took part in the work of the assembly, it is his right. I want to make it clear from the very beginning that we have no malice or enmity towards them. But in view of the kind of allegations leveled against him, it would not be appropriate to include Nawab Malik in the Grand Alliance, this is our opinion.

Even Ajit Pawar did not give any clear answer

Fadnavis further wrote in the letter, ‘Nawab Malik is currently granted bail on health grounds. The allegations against him have not been proven yet, that is why you can welcome him. But because of such allegations, it would not be appropriate to take him into the Grand Alliance, this is my clear opinion. We accept that it is your right to decide which person to take to the party. But all the partner parties should think about the fact that no one’s personality should create obstacles in the grand alliance. We cannot agree with the views of the then Chief Minister and Mahavikas Aghadi, who kept Nawab Malik on the post of minister despite arresting him on treason charges. It is hoped that you will take care of our feelings. At the same time, while not giving a direct answer to the question ‘which group Nawab Malik belongs to’, Ajit Pawar had said that the Speaker of the Assembly has the right to decide who will sit where. He said that Nawab Malik himself will decide whom he wants to support.

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