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Union Minister Prahlad Joshi told India TV, ‘People slapped Rahul Gandhi politically’

Image Source : INDIA TV
Special conversation of Union Minister Prahlad Joshi with India TV.

New Delhi: Counting of assembly elections continues in four states. BJP is leading in three of these states. Whereas Union Minister Prahlad Joshi, while speaking exclusively to India TV, targeted Rahul Gandhi. Responding to a question in which he was asked, ‘You said that we will win, we will win 100 percent,’ he said that people have despised the Congress party in this election. People of Congress party come to power by lying and later do not keep even a single promise properly.

Congress does not fulfill even a single promise

He said that the people of Rajasthan were also experiencing this. Because whatever promises Congress had made about loan waiver or laptops, they did not fulfill all these promises. Similarly, he misled the public in Karnataka and Himachal also. He said that people have accepted the guarantee given by Modi ji. Overall, I am very happy because the public has completely rejected the negative thinking of the Congress Party. He said that out of the five states where votes were counted today in four states, out of which people in three states rejected Congress, tomorrow also people in Mizoram will completely reject Congress.

Public responded to Rahul Gandhi’s abusive words

Another question in which Union Minister Prahlad Joshi was asked that ‘Rahul Gandhi had become confident after winning Karnataka, that is why he was saying write 5-0 and keep it’, while replying to which he said that Rahul Gandhi had- What language was used should be put before them. What kind of words did he use even for the Prime Minister? Because of all this the public has rejected him. The way he used abusive words for Modi ji, the people of three states have responded to the same.

People from Congress and Communist Party met Adani himself

Union Minister Prahlad Joshi was asked that ‘Rahul Gandhi used to say that bringing BJP government means bringing Adani government, so has the public given the answer to this?’ Answering this question, he said that the public has given a complete answer. On one hand, people of Congress and Communist Party go to Kerala and inaugurate the port, you yourself together give it to Adani there and then come here and call it ours. He said that seeing this spectacle of double standards, people have slapped Rahul Gandhi politically.

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