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Uttarakhand: If live-in relationship is not registered, you will have to go to jail, these 11 things will change with the implementation of UCC – India TV Hindi

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Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill was introduced in the Uttarakhand Assembly today. This bill proposes uniform marriage, divorce, land, property and inheritance laws for all citizens in Uttarakhand regardless of their religion. The UCC Bill also states that if someone is living in a live-in relationship, it is necessary to get it registered. Failure to register can result in a jail term of six months. The Bill proposes that anyone who is living in a live-in relationship within the state, whether he is a resident of Uttarakhand or not, will have to submit details of his live-in relationship to the entire administration. It will be mandatory to give details of live-in relationship in the concerned registrar office.

These things will change after UCC is implemented

  1. After the implementation of UCC, polygamy will be banned.
  2. The legal age of marriage for girls can be fixed at 21 years.
  3. Registration will be necessary for those in live-in relationships.
  4. It will be mandatory for people living in live-in relationships to give their information and people living in such relationships will have to give information to their parents.
  5. If marriage is not registered, you may be deprived of any government facility.
  6. Muslim women will also have the right to adopt and the process of adoption will be simple.
  7. Both husband and wife will have equal access to divorce procedures.
  8. In case of death of the working son, the responsibility of maintaining the elderly parents will be on the wife and she will get compensation.
  9. In the event of the death of the husband, if the wife remarries, the compensation received will be shared with her parents.
  10. The process of guardianship for orphan children will be simplified.
  11. In cases of dispute between husband and wife, the custody of children can be given to their grandparents.

In such a situation, live-in relationship will not be registered.

  1. Not be against customs and public policy and morality
  2. A person must be previously married or already in a live-in relationship.
  3. Where at least one person is a minor.
  4. Have been strengthened by coercion and fraud while living together.

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