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Uttarkashi accident: 40 lives trapped in tunnel for 7 days, health of 2 laborers deteriorated

Image Source : PTI
Rescue operation continues in the tunnel

An operation is going on to save the lives of 40 laborers trapped in the tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. Efforts are being made on a war footing and every day it is hoped that good news will come today. Today is the 7th day but not a single laborer trapped in the tunnel of Uttarkashi has been taken out yet.

Found a way to save your life?

A path for the return of workers is being made amid the debris, but rocks are becoming a constant problem in the way of the American Heavy Augers machine engaged in drilling work, due to which the speed of rescue is slowing down. The pipe which is being inserted with the help of the machine for rescue is moving very slowly. On Friday, the rescue had to be stopped several times due to rocks coming in the way of the American Heavy Augers machine engaged in drilling work. After about 3 hours of drilling, the auger machine was given rest. However, about 24 meters of pipe has already been drilled in Silkyara Tunnel and the machine has to drill a total of 60-70 meters. For which another modern machine has been brought from Indore. The new augers machine reached Jolly Grant in Dehradun late last night from where it will take about 12 hours to reach Uttarkashi by road. Meanwhile, the health of two workers inside the tunnel has deteriorated due to which the tension is increasing further. .

New augers machine from Indore will reach Uttarkashi today

New augers machine from Indore for rescue operation Uttarkashi Is being brought. The American Augers machine brought earlier has done 24 meters of drilling in which 4 pipes of 6 meters each have been inserted inside the debris. The machine has to drill a total of 60-70 meters. In the accident that occurred at 4 am on November 12, a mudslide occurred 200 meters away from the entry point of the tunnel, trapping the workers inside. The debris has spread by 60-70 meters in the 2340 meter long tunnel.

uttarakshi tunnel

Image Source : PTI

Rock becomes a problem in rescue

Increased concern for workers’ families

Continuous steps are being taken by the government for the rescue of laborers trapped in the tunnel. From the very first day, Chief Minister of the state Pushkar Singh Dhami himself is in action mode and Dhami is keeping an eye on every information related to the rescue. PM Modi is also reviewing the situation, but as time is passing, the concern of the workers’ families is increasing and now when the news of the health of two workers deteriorating, their anger has started to erupt.

  • Of the two laborers whose health has deteriorated, one has asthma while the other has diabetes.
  • Their medicines are being sent regularly through the pipe carrying food and water.
  • People trapped inside are being talked to their families and rescue officers in the morning and evening.
  • Roasted and sprouted gram biscuits, dry fruits and chips are being sent to the workers inside the tunnel to eat.
  • Along with this, glucose and water are also being supplied.

Family members are constantly communicating

Of the 40 laborers trapped in the tunnel, many of their relatives are at the site. Administration teams and family members are continuously communicating with the workers. At the same time, the workers are also encouraging each other. Efforts are being made to evacuate the workers by making a path through the debris with the drilling machine, but no one is ready to say with certainty when this 60 to 70 meter excavation work will be completed.

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