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VIDEO: Congress candidate beaten with slippers, old man did not stop even after saying ‘bus’

Elderly people hit Congress candidate from Ratlam seat Paras Saklecha with slippers.

Ratlam: Voting has been done for Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections and now all the candidates are waiting for the results. Meanwhile, a video of Congress candidate from Ratlam seat, Paras Saklecha, has gone viral on social media, in which an elderly man is seen beating him with slippers in the middle of the road and Paras is seen smiling.

It is seen in the video that Paras gifts new slippers to an elderly man sitting on the roadside. But the elderly man hits Paras’s head and face several times with the same slipper. However, Paras does not stop the old man even once and keeps smiling.

The old man kept beating, the Congress candidate kept smiling

Paras not only smiles after beating the old man but also touches his feet. The old man keeps hitting Paras’s head, mouth and body with slippers. After this video went viral on social media, a new kind of debate has started. Some are calling it Paras’s humility and tolerance and some are calling it an attempt to get public support to win the elections.

In the video going viral on social media, the elderly man is being described as a fakir and it is being said that Paras has taken the blessings of a fakir. However, critics are also saying that this is a living proof of the extent to which leaders will go to win elections.

Women voted more than men

Voting for the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections has been completed. Voters have exercised their franchise extensively. Women in the state have voted more than men. The voting percentage figures have also been revealed. According to the Election Commission, 71.16% voting took place in the state till 5 pm. And now after the counting of votes on December 3, it will be known who will form the next government in the state.

Assembly constituency wise, the highest voting percentage was in Ratlam’s Sailana constituency. 85.49% voting took place here. After this, the voting percentage in Khilchipur Rajgarh assembly constituency was 84.17%. With this, the voting percentage in Barghat assembly constituency of Seoni was 84.16%.

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