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VIDEO: Where riots took place in Haldwani, Salman of Hyderabad distributed wads of notes – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Hyderabad’s Salman Khan has posted a video distributing money in the riot-affected area.

After the riots in Banbhulpura of Haldwani, Uttarakhand, this city has once again come into discussion. Police have detained a person while distributing cash with a bag full of notes in Haldwani. Hyderabad’s Salman Khan has reached Haldwani and posted a video on Instagram distributing money in the riot affected area. At the same time, the police has interrogated Salman. An investigation is underway to find out from where the person distributing the money brought so much money and to whom he is distributing it. SSP Prahlad Meena said that this entire matter is being investigated.

As soon as the riot broke out, Salman left for Haldwani.

As soon as riots broke out in the city, Salman Khan, who was sitting in Hyderabad, left for Haldwani. He also posted a video on social media in the name of Mission Haldwani, after which the police stopped him. He also stopped, but as soon as his condition improved, he reached Haldwani with a bag full of notes. This video of distributing bundles of notes in Banbhulpura went viral on social media. The bag full of notes and the inflammatory video posted on Instagram are now in the police’s sights. Police also interrogated Salman.

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Runs Insta account in the name of ‘Hyderabad Youth Congress’

Let us tell you that Salman Khan runs an account on Instagram in the name of Hyderabad Youth Congress. When the news of the riots spread on February 8, Salman posted a video on his account writing ‘Mission Haldwani’ and set out for Haldwani. To avoid spoiling the atmosphere, the police did not allow him to come to Haldwani, but as soon as the situation became normal, Salman along with his friends reached Haldwani with a bag full of notes. In Banbhulpura, he distributed bundles of notes and made a video and posted it on his account. Salman roamed around in the streets of Banbhulpura for four days, showing sympathy to the people and provoking them.

Not only this, Salman posted many such videos on his account during and after the riots which spoiled the atmosphere. SSP Prahlad Narayan Meena said that the source of the cash distributed and the videos posted by Salman on his social media account are being investigated.

,Report- Bhupendra Rawat,

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