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‘We have broken the barricades, but…’, Rahul Gandhi said after being stopped from entering Guwahati – India TV Hindi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressing the people.

Guwahati: The ‘Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra’ led by former Congress president Rahul Gandhi was stopped from entering Guwahati on Tuesday. After the yatra was stopped, Congress workers became furious and broke the barricades installed there in protest. Congress workers also raised slogans during the protest. The police had to use force to stop the Congress supporters from moving forward. After the uproar, Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma has ordered to register an FIR against Rahul Gandhi, accusing him of traffic jam in Guwahati.

‘Bajrang Dal and JP Nadda had gone through this route’

Addressing the people on this occasion, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Bajrang Dal had gone through this route. BJP President JP Nadda’s rally was also held on the same route. There was a barricade here, we broke the barricade but we will not break the law. Don’t consider us weak. This is the strength of Congress workers. The people of Assam are being suppressed. My interaction with the students was cancelled. Despite being told by the officials that I should not be allowed to meet the students, he still came out to meet me. My message is that Congress workers are not afraid of BJP and RSS.

‘We have come here to fight the most corrupt CM Himanta’

Rahul Gandhi said, ‘I know that officials are being asked to perform their duty, but justice should be done. We didn’t come here to fight you, we love you. We have come here to fight Himanta, the most corrupt CM of Assam. Earlier, a huge crowd gathered at Guwahati Chowk in Khanapara and Rahul Gandhi was welcomed with drums. Assam Congress in-charge Jitendra Singh said, ‘We have won by breaking the barricades.’ After entering Meghalaya on Monday, the Yatra in this part returned to Assam for its final leg, passing through the outskirts of Guwahati, the state’s largest city. The yatra in Assam will continue till Thursday.

‘We are registering an FIR against your leader’

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma wrote in response to a tweet by Youth Congress President BV Srinivas, ‘They are not a part of Assamese culture. We are a peaceful state. Such ‘Naxalite tactics’ are completely different from our culture. I have instructed the DGP of Assam to file a case against your leader Rahul Gandhi for inciting the mob. You have already posted the footage on your handle as proof. Due to the chaos created by you and violation of guidelines, there is now a massive traffic jam in Guwahati.

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