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What are the preparations outside for the 41 laborers as soon as they come out of the Silkyara tunnel? know

Image Source : ANI
Uttarkashi Tunnel Accident Update

Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue: A portion of an under-construction tunnel in Uttarakhand collapsed on November 12, trapping 41 workers inside. After the incident, a rescue operation was launched to rescue the workers. Although the teams left no stone unturned to rescue the stranded people, challenges emerged one after another. Reports said the collapse may have been caused by a geological fault, known as a “shear zone”. There was reportedly no escape route despite government guidelines recommending emergency exits for tunnels longer than 1.5 km.

Watch the latest video inside the tunnel

Know what will happen after being taken out of the tunnel

*A 41-bed hospital has been prepared at the Community Health Center at Chinyalisaur for medical examination and care of the workers trapped after being evacuated from the Silkyara Tunnel.

*Rescue workers said that a detailed medical examination of the workers will be done after reaching the hospital. *After completing the rescue operation, our focus will be on conducting a comprehensive investigation to identify construction deficiencies, an official said.

*Around 30 ambulances were present at the site to take the injured workers to the hospital. Ambulances were seen moving towards the mouth of the tunnel entrance to pick up stranded people after a part of a tunnel under construction collapsed in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.

* An officer said, if needed, the soldiers can also be lifted by helicopter.

*Photos showed rescuers smiling and flashing victory signs as they finished drilling amid concrete and debris.

*Stretchers with wheels have been specially fitted to carry exhausted people through the 57 m (187 ft) steel pipe.

*The government said it has also ordered the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to audit 29 tunnels being built across India.

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