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What did the workers do inside the tunnel? Told the story to PM Modi

What did the workers do inside the tunnel?  Told the story to PM Modi

PM Modi talked to the workers.- India TV Hindi

Image Source : ANI
PM Modi talked to the workers.

41 workers were rescued safely last night from the tunnel under construction in Silkyara in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Workers were left trapped inside the tunnel when a part of it collapsed on the day of Diwali. However, the workers did not give up for 17 days and finally came out due to the efforts of the administration. PM Modi also spoke on phone to the workers who came out of the tunnel. The workers have given many important information to PM Modi.

PM Modi congratulated

PM Modi congratulated the workers on phone that they came out of the tunnel safely. He said that it is by the grace of Kedarnath Baba and Lord Badrinath that everyone has arrived safely. The PM said that the most important thing is that the workers encouraged each other and did not lose courage. This thing is praiseworthy. The PM said that it is the virtue of the workers and their families that all the workers have returned.

What did the workers do inside?

While talking to PM Modi, the workers said that they took care of each other despite being from different states. Whatever food they got, they all ate it together. The workers said they had no work as they were stuck inside. That’s why all the workers used to do morning walk and yoga. The workers thanked the Uttarakhand government and CM Pushkar Dhami.

CM Dhami’s gift to workers

After the successful rescue operation in the tunnel, Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami has made several big announcements. He said in the press conference that the Uttarakhand government will give a relief amount of Rs 1 lakh each to all 41 workers. Along with this, he will request the companies of these workers to give them leave without any salary deduction for 15 or 30 days.

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