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Where and how did Hardeep Puri meet LTTE Chief Prabhakaran? Story narrated in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’

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Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’

New Delhi: Union Petroleum and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Puri also narrated the story of a secret mission during his tenure as a diplomat on Rajat Sharma’s show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. He told how during his posting in Sri Lanka in 1987, he had met LTTE Chief Prabhakaran and convinced him for a peace agreement. This episode is being telecast tonight on India TV.

had to pass through landmines in the dark

In this episode, Hardeep Puri shared many experiences from his 39 year long diplomatic career and revealed many secrets. Hardeep Puri told how when he was posted in Colombo, he had to go to the jungles of Jaffna in northern Sri Lanka to meet LTTE Chief Prabhakaran, in the dark of night, amidst landmines. How he got Prabhakaran ready for the peace agreement, then risked his life and brought Prabhakaran to India in a helicopter and made him meet Rajiv Gandhi. Hardeep Puri said, ‘There were landmines on the way and we had to travel at night to avoid attacks. Our military advisor was an Indian Navy officer. It was a secret mission. This was a big task for me professionally.

Pannu is a stooge of Pakistan

Hardeep Puri also answered questions related to Khalistan and Canada in this episode. He told who is Khalistani terrorist Pannu, where does he live, what is his agenda, who gives him money, on whose instructions he works and how he hatches conspiracies against India in America and Canada. Hardeep Puri told that Gurpatwant Singh Pannu is a stooge of Pakistan, works at the behest of ISI, he gets money from Islamabad, he has a Pakistani business partner Muhammad Salman Yunus, and both of them work together at the behest of ISI.

Pak occupied Kashmir will soon join India

Along with this, Hardeep Puri also expressed his intentions regarding Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Hardeep Puri said, the economic situation in Pakistan has become so bad that after some time some parts of it will merge with India. When he was asked the question as to when this would happen, he said – soon. Hardeep Puri said, ‘There has been a lot of change in India-Pakistan relations in the last nine years. Now India is not tagged with Pakistan. He said that this has become possible because of PM Modi.

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