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Why did Khushboo Sundar get trolled regarding ‘child labour’, now she apologized, said- I realize…

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BJP leader Khushboo Sundar

Actress and BJP leader Khushboo Sundar has been badly trolled by a tweet. He recently posted a picture of a bouquet of flowers he bought from a small child at a intersection in Mumbai. Along with this he wrote that as soon as he placed those flowers inside his car, he thought of how Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inspired people to become self-reliant. Trollers trolled him fiercely on this post. It was said that Khushboo, despite holding an official position, hid the incident of child labor by praising PM Modi.

What did Khushboo Sundar say?

BJP leader Khushboo Sundar apologized after being trolled badly. He said that they should not have ignored the aspect of child labour. After confronting the trolls, Khushboo said, “No child should go out on the streets for the safety of themselves or their family. My tweet yesterday about the girl selling flowers in Mumbai was made in a very positive context, because she She was able to continue her studies because of this and she was not begging for it. I realize that this is equivalent to child labour. A child needs to grow up. A child needs to grow up in a very safe and happy environment. Need. Stay in school and play to have a healthy mindset and upbringing. I myself have gone through struggle, pain and difficulties as a child, the eyes of that girl spoke of confidence and courage. My intention is to inspire someone “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I apologize for sending the wrong message.”

Reply to trollers

Earlier, Khushboo had replied to the trollers and said, “She knew that the so-called liberals with an anti-BJP mindset would jump to conclusions. The girl I spoke to completed her school and then bought flowers to help her education. Sells. I am a responsible citizen and mother and as a follower of PM Modi ji we understand our responsibilities better than other of you. I am sure I do better than you for child labor . As someone who has always been involved in public service, I understand better. Please read the positive side and do not jump to conclusions just because it is perhaps fashionable for you to be anti-Modi.”

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