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Will INDIA alliance be able to defeat NDA in Lok Sabha elections? Now even UP-Maharashtra – India TV Hindi

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During the assembly elections held in five states before the Lok Sabha elections, the opposition parties started the India Alliance to take on the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre, the aim of which was to unite and defeat the NDA in the Lok Sabha elections. The Chief Minister of Bihar, who was the architect of this alliance, has now left this alliance and has taken his own path. Different path means that he has joined the same NDA alliance whom he was talking about defeating and has secured his position as CM in Bihar. Now the foundation of the India alliance seems weak because in Bihar as well as in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has taken her own path, while in Uttar Pradesh too, after the BSP’s departure, there are talks of RLD joining hands with the NDA. Has been.

NDA strong, India weak?

After Bihar-Bengal-UP, there is no special strength in the opposition alliance in Maharashtra because on one hand Shiv Sena broke into two parts and now the power of NCP has also gone from the hands of Sharad Pawar to Ajit Pawar, who Part of the NDA alliance in the state. In such a situation, when only a few months are left for the Lok Sabha elections and BJP is ready to score a hat-trick riding on the victory chariot, then after the disintegration and weakening of the opposition alliance, will a strong alliance like NDA be defeated in the Lok Sabha elections by the opposition alliance India, Will he be able to defeat?

In Bihar, after Nitish Kumar left the Grand Alliance and joined the NDA, the India Alliance got a big blow, but after the arrest of Hemant Soren in Jharkhand, the India Alliance got some relief with the formation of Champai Soren’s government with great effort, but Hemant The effect of Soren’s arrest will be visible in the Lok Sabha elections. The news of RLD joining NDA in UP and the command of NCP going into the hands of Ajit Pawar has again dealt a blow to the alliance.

How will the India alliance, which is disintegrating and trying to pull itself together, handle itself when it has suffered four major setbacks in the last 10 days and the BJP-led NDA seems to be getting a big benefit from it. Bihar-Bengal-Maharashtra -If we talk about Jharkhand and UP, there are more than 200 Lok Sabha seats in these five states and in the assembly elections of five states, the opposition parties have proved their strength by fighting separately.

Not only this, the consecration of Ram Lalla in the grand Ram temple of Ayodhya has also given great strength to the BJP led NDA and the opposition parties have shot themselves in the foot by distancing themselves from this ceremony. If we talk about the effect and multiplication of all these, then the winning chariot of BJP seems to ensure the victory of PM Modi for the third time in the Lok Sabha elections.

India’s mathematics may go wrong in four big states

Mamata Banerjee has announced to contest the elections alone in West Bengal and her rift with Congress seems to be becoming visible. In such a situation, Mamata’s decision to contest alone on 42 seats in the state is an attack on the unity of the India alliance and the distance between Mamata and Congress is a matter of happiness for BJP.

Talking about Bihar, Nitish has given a big blow to the opposition India alliance there, due to which the opposition alliance has weakened and BJP seems to be directly benefiting from it in the division of 40 Lok Sabha seats in the state. Although Lalu has firmly held the opposition unity, whatever happens in the Lok Sabha elections, the mathematics here can be clearly revealed in the assembly elections in 2025.

In Maharashtra, the Election Commission has declared Ajit Power faction as the real NCP and here Uddhav Thackeray also seems to be changing his tone. They are calling PM Modi their friend, saying again and again that we were and are your friends, not your enemies. It is you who has abandoned us. In such a situation, NDA has benefited from the breakup of Shiv Sena and Uddhav’s change and then NCP’s leadership going into the hands of Ajit faction and the mathematics of opposition alliance on 48 Lok Sabha seats of Maharashtra may get spoiled.

Talking about Uttar Pradesh, in the state where BSP’s Mayawati has kept distance from the opposition alliance, there are speculations about RLD i.e. Jayant Choudhary’s party joining hands with BJP. Therefore, the opposition’s mathematics may get spoiled. Here too, it is possible that what will be the coordination between SP and Congress and the mathematics regarding seats and what turn the opposition alliance will take in the state.

Who will benefit by how much?

On one hand, before the consecration program of Ram Lalla, PM Modi had gone to the southern states where BJP does not have a significant support base. Regional parties are strong in the southern states and the position of Congress is also good. PM going there and interacting with the people and the crowd gathered to get a glimpse of PM Modi shows that PM Modi’s image is huge and in the name of Modi, NDA can sail through. The magic of PM Modi can be seen in Bihar-UP, Bengal and Jharkhand as well as Maharashtra.

At the same time, Congress, which is fighting for its existence, is making every effort to strengthen the opposition alliance after the defeat in four states in the assembly elections held for five states. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is busy in his Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, meeting people, crowd is also gathering in his convoy. After Bihar-Bengal, now his Nyaya Yatra is about to reach UP. Regional parties also have dominance in these states and only the result of Lok Sabha elections will tell how strong the opposition alliance will be with this Nyaya Yatra of Rahul and how much benefit it will get in the Lok Sabha elections.

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