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12 types of halwa are available in this city of UP, even the king used to come to this square to eat! – India TV Hindi

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Varieties of Halwa In Lucknow

This city of UP is famous for its pride and love. Love is not only in the language of the people here but also in the food. Actually, we are going from UP to the very beautiful and spiritual city of Lucknow. Today we will tell you about a special thing here. Actually, a famous place here is famous for its oldest halwa shop. At this shop you will get about 12 types of halwa which are prepared with different recipes and these recipes are from the era of Badshahs and Mughals. So, let us know where is this shop in Lucknow and what halwa is available here.

If you go to Lucknow then definitely go to Chowk to eat Halwa.

There is Tunde Kababi near Gol Darwaza in Lucknow Chowk, just opposite to which is Haji Sweet Shop which has 12 types of halwa. This is one of the oldest shops in Lucknow, which sells a wide range of halwa. 12 types of halwa are available here. As

Kiwi Pudding
White Carrot Halwa
Black Carrot Halwa
Pineapple Pudding
Apple Pudding
Anjeer Halwa
Cashew Halwa
Almond Halwa
Jaujji Halwa
milky pudding
Pistachio Halwa
date pudding

Chowk famous foods of awadh

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Chowk famous foods of awadh

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Apart from this, you can do various things in the Chowk of Lucknow like you can eat kebab at Tunde Kebab here. Apart from this, you can shop for chicken clothes from here. Also, after leaving here, you can buy many things at various places in Lucknow and can roam around the entire city. So, if you are visiting Lucknow then you should not return without tasting these halwas.

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