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All the tiredness of office will go away in 1 hour, definitely get massage done on weekend, you will feel fresh.

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Benefits of massage

The relaxation that the body gets from getting a massage is hardly matched by anything else. All the tiredness of office goes away in 1 hour of social work. Working while sitting in the office for hours causes stiffness in the body, pain in the neck, hands and shoulders. If this problem persists for a long time, one starts feeling irritable. An easy way to avoid this is to take out some time for your body on weekends. The body which fully supports you in working for 9 hours. He also has the right to relax for one hour. Therefore, on holidays, get your body massaged with oil. All pain will disappear with massage. If you get massage done regularly, it also provides many health benefits. Know what benefits the body gets from getting massage.

Benefits of Body Massage

  1. Muscles relax- Getting massage reduces cortisol levels and improves mood. By getting massage, not only the body but also the mind feels relaxed. Massage is a therapy that reduces stiffness and pain in the body. This also reduces mental stress. Massage provides relief from joint pain, back pain and shoulder pain. Getting massage improves blood circulation.
  2. Blood pressure remains under control- High blood pressure can also be controlled by massaging the body with oil. People who get massage regularly do not have blood pressure problems. Getting massage also improves cardiac health.
  3. Digestion remains good- Body massage not only reduces pain but also improves digestion. Massaging the stomach increases the activity of the navel. Massaging the lower abdominal area provides relief from pain during periods. With massage, organs like large intestine, liver, pancreas also function properly. Massage improves liver function.
  4. Stress goes away- There are about 30 pressure points in the body, which are interconnected in our body. There are 7 reflex centers associated with the neck, head, pancreas, kidneys, liver and reproductive organs. All of these work well during massage. Massage releases good hormones in the body, which help in relieving stress and depression.
  5. Nerves become healthy- Getting a massage puts pressure on the muscles and the nerves start relaxing. In such a situation the entire body gets charged with new energy. Getting a massage keeps your body relaxed, which also relaxes your mind. You can do your work better and also focus more.

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